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This page is where I link to all my blog series! ________________________________________________

 ➳"I Survived" blog series!➳
Posts about the 5k's, Triathlons, Mud runs, etc. that I participated in! 

Go HERE to read the first post.

Go HERE to read the second post.

Go HERE to read the third post.

➳Knowing and Believing Blog series!➳
A two-part series (one poem and one devotional) about knowing God is Ultimate and His peace surpasses all understanding! 

Click HERE to read part one.

And HERE to read part two! 

➳Celebrating One Year of Blogging➳
A four-part series in celebration of my blogging anniversary! 

Read week one HERE
Read week two HERE
Read week three HERE
Read week four HERE

➳Family Forever Month➳
A four-part series featuring each of my immediate family members on Showers of Blessings!!! <3 

Go HERE for first post! 
Go HERE for second post! 
Go HERE for third post! 
And HERE for fourth post! 


More series will be added! :)

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