~Goats Milk Soap~

 In this page, I have posted about my Winds of Faith Goats Milk Soap business! 

Some of the things you might see here are how to make goats milk soap, how to make wood soap dishes, pictures of my newest soap scents, and more! 

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Soap Scents we have made in the past!
~Creamy Unscented~
Our Creamy Unscented bars are made for those with sensitive skin. Each soap bar lathers well, leaving your skin feeling silky, smooth, and clean!

~Unscented Swirl~
Our Unscented Swirl soap is exactly like our Creamy Unscented bar, but with a extra special flair. This Unscented Swirl soap is naturally swirled with clays and herbs for coloring.

~Honey Oatmeal~ 

Made with raw honey harvested from Winds of Faith beehives, our Honey Oatmeal soap contains colloidal oatmeal for a soft and soothing exfoliation. Scented using Oatmeal Milk & Honey Fragrance Oil, these bars have a sweet and creamy quality to them that adds to this already rich bar of sudsy soap!

~Charcoal Cleanse~ 
Swirled with cleansing black charcoal, these bars of soap is designed to sooth and detox your skin! 

~Wild Rose~
Pretty in pink, our Wild Rose bars are scented with wild rose fragrance oil and topped with aesthetically pleasing rosebuds!

~Pink Peppermint~
Scrub-a-dub-dub with our Pink Peppermint bars made using red jojoba beads for its unique pink color and medium exfoliation. Each batch is scented with peppermint essential oils! 

Our Lavender soap bars have a perfect balance between their calming essential oil scent and their artistic presentation! 

~Fall Harvest Candy Corn~ 
Naturally colored with turmeric and scented with a hint of vanilla essential oil, this seasonal soap var resembles candy corn. Our Fall harvest Candy Corn soap is layered with different shades of yellow, orange, and white. This creamy, sweet scented soap is perfect for the fall season! 

~Pumpkin Pie~ 
Our Pumpkin Pie soap bars live up to their name! this batch of soap was made with pumpkin pie spice blend including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. What makes these soap bars especially unique is they are made with real pumpkin purée. Pumpkin is known for it's skin nourishing qualities with vitamin A and C which helps soften and soothe the skin. Each bar has a resemblance to a slice of pumpkin pie, even topped with "Whipped topping."

~Frosted White Pine~ 
This soap batch was naturally colored with spirulina powder to create a soft, light green. Our Frosted White Pine soap bars are scented with pine needle essential oil, givignthem a crisp wintery feel that is perfect the colder months. The top of each bar is artfully designed to look every bit of it's name!

~Warm Cinnamon Spice~ 
This happens to be our most popular soap scent! What gives it a warm, cozy feel is it's essential oil blend. This essential oil, a blend of cloves, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary has immune system boosting properties. Our Warm Cinnamon Spice bars are designed with cinnamon "pencil lines."d

~Hot Cocoa~ 
Calling all chocolate lovers! Our Hot Cocoa soap bars smell good enough to be the real deal. Scented with Dark Chocolate fragrance oil, these bars have the color, scent, and look of hot cocoa. Treat yourself or gift one of these carefully made soap bars for a delightful indulgence! 

~City Slicker~ 
Made with an intriguing Birchwood Oud fragrance oil, a complex picture of wild cypress, ozone, lime, sea salt, leather, amber, and ocean moss. This manly scented soap has rich undertones with a clean finish!

~Orange Creamsicle~ 
Smooth and creamy, our Orange Creamsicle Goats Milk Soap is scented with Sweet Orange essential oil to create a hint of citrus. This bar of soap is artistically swirled with creamy white and light orange (made by adding turmeric) as well as topped with dried orange slices!

~Caffè Latte~ 
We added fresh ground espresso roast 100% Arabica coffee beans to our creamy goats milk soap to create a luxurious bar of soap. With coffee grounds as an exfoliant plus fresh brewed coffee, this bar has natural anti-aging qualities. In addition to all of the skin benefits this soap has to offer, it's swirls turned out beautiful! Just like a creamy "cup of Joe."

~Matcha Tea Tree~ 
This is the perfect healthy skin duo. A soap batch made with Matcha green tea and scented with natural Tea Tree essential oil. Matcha tea has many healthy skin benefits such as having anti-inflammatory properties. Tea Tree is also a anti-inflammatory and helps soothe the skin. This Matcha Tea Tree bar is great for all skin types!

Scented with Passionfruit Rose fragrance oil, this soap bar is fruity and sweet with a hint of wild rose! 

Wooden Soap Dishes!
I am really excited to make our goats milk soap accessories! These wooden soap dishes are used to sit your soap on in the shower or the sink. They are to help your soap last longer and stay in better shape! 

Heres the video I made of making these wood soap dishes!

So pretty cool, right? I love making things that are so useful with the scrap wood I have laying around. :) 

It started with a picture on Pinterest. I was looking for things I could make to go with the soap and a picture of these wood soap dishes showed up. I decided I would try my hand at making them, with papa of course! 

-Finding the right wood. 
Luckily I had a board in mind for this project and was ready to go!
-Measuring and marking. 
This was where we did the brainstorming! We marked on the wood where we wanted the saw blades, etc...
-Sawing and Cutting.
Our saw lines were about two saw blades. We sawed two lines underneath and three on top. Where the lines "overlapped" there is a hole strait through. Then we cut to desired length. The soap dishes ended up being roughly 3 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide with not even a inch thick.
-Giving the finishing touches.
Sanding took a while to get into all of the saw lines. And then the last step (one that I didn't show in the video) is to either wood burn a design and/or put mineral oil on the wood.

These are fairly easy (with the right wood, saws, etc.) to make! I am really happy with how they turned out! 

How we made our first batch of Goats Milk Soap!
To start off, I am the most excited about showing y'all about how my mom and I made goats milk soap from Lilly's milk! (Go to my Winds of Faith page to see a picture of Lilly and her baby, Angel!) 

I also made a short 1 minute video to go along with it! Who doesn't like watching DIY videos, right? 

We followed the recipe from Lovin Soap, Soap Making Studio. This method uses frozen goats milk to be mixed with the lye. The lye will then melt the milk with less/no fumes. Heres how or first (of many, I hope) soap making experience went...

20oz. Coconut oil
5oz. Shea Butter 
20oz. Olive oil
5oz. Rice Bran oil 
5oz. Avocado oil
4oz. Castor oil
5oz. Sweet Almond oil
4 teaspoons Sodium Lactate
18oz. Lilly's milk!
9oz. Lye

To half of this recipe, we added 2 Tablespoons colloidal oatmeal and 2 Tablespoons or our farm honey! Note: This recipe has 4lbs. of oils combined.

- Prepping the area. We covered our counter with trash bags, but in the future I would like to get a plastic table cloth instead. Next, we laid our all of our gear and soap making supplies. This included our safety glasses and gloves, our ingredients, bowls, measuring cups, stick blender, scale, and our molds.
- The second step was to weigh our hard oils (Coconut and Shea) so that they could start melting on the stove.
- After we started the hard oils heating on the stove, we put a large glass measuring cup in a big bowl of ice water. In the glass measuring cup, we put 18oz. of frozen (in ice cubes) goats milk. Then we SLOWLY added the 9oz. of lye. As the lye dissolved, the milk melted. The highest temperature this mixture got up to was 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This was a good  temperature. If it got too hot, then it would have scorched the milk and discolored. 
- Going back to the oils, we took our now liquid, hard oils off the stove and added them to all of the other oils. The room temperature oils brought down the heat to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. 
- Now it is time to make soap! We combined the oils and the lye solution in a big bowl. We used the electric stick blender until we got trace (thick enough to see lines on top, not runny where it sinks) It heated up more as I blended it. It got to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.
-We added sodium lactate. (This helps make a solid bar of soap.)
-Now, this is where we did some things a little bit differently than the original recipe. We divided the soap into two bowls. One would make plain goats milk soap, and the other would be oatmeal honey goats milk soap! 
-The unscented one went in the mold first. We used a 10 inch loaf mold and I "spooned" the top.
-Then we added our honey and oatmeal to the second bowl. We used another 10 inch mold and I decorated the top with oatmeal!
-To be extra careful of the milk burning, we put our soap in the fridge for a couple of hours.
-After waiting 24 hours, we unmolded them and cut them using a wavy cutter. 
-The last step is to make a well ventilated area for our soap to cure for 4-6 weeks! 

This was so much fun to make! And our soap bars our SO pretty! I can't wait to use our soap! 

Have you ever made cold-prossesed soap? Do you like watching the videos? Comment below! 


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    1. Thanks for being the first to comment on my DIY page, Sydnee!
      Yes she was! For three days after Angel was born, we set up a trap and makeshift "stall" downstairs in our living room for Lilly and Angel to stay warm. Aren't they the cutest goats ever?! :D

  2. I got goats milk soap for Christmas! It spelt so so good! It has only been 3 days and i'v used it 5 times! Cora got the unscented one. She has been using it too. Our Dad is very picky on soap and he used Cora's! Thanks for awsome soap!!!:)

    1. Yay! I'm thrilled you enjoyed your soap, Sydnee! Which was your favorite scent?
      Thats great that Cora and your dad like using the Creamy Unscented bar! :)

  3. Btw the video was good it's better than I can do!;)

  4. Wow! I love the different scents for the soap bars! Creamy Unscented, Wild Rose, and Pink Peppermint sound really nice:)

    1. I love making cold-processed soap! It's such a fun process! Those scents are some of my favorites, although It is really hard to choose! Pink Peppermint is very popular, and I think the Wild Rose bars will be really popular once they are done curing!
      Thanks for reading about my small business! <3

    2. Hi Brooklyne! Do you still use the e-mail on your business card? Because I sent you an email, but I'm not sure if you got it:)

    3. Oh, I'm so sorry! Yes, I still use that email, I just hasn't checked it recently. *scurries off to reply to your email* XD

  5. So, if I bought some, would you be able to mail it to me?

    1. Yes, I would mail it to you! Each bar of soap is $6 and then whatever the shipping costs... Let me know if you have questions, I can email you more details if you are interested! :)

    2. Cool! I am interested, and would love to support your business. Would you email me more details?

    3. Yes, I will shoot you a email ASAP! ;)

  6. I visited your Facebook page, and all of your soaps sound absolutely LUSCIOUS! Beautiful pictures :-). Which flavor would you recommend?


    1. What a great question, Ellen, thanks for asking! Our two best sellers would be the Lavender and the Pink Peppermint. But our Wild Rose is another one that smells and looks amazing! Also the Cherry Almond I'm really looking forward too! Peppermint and Lavender are made using essential oils versus the other two are made with fragrance oils, if that makes any difference too you. The essential oils would be more naturally scented... :)

  7. Got it! Heading to reply to your email right now! =)