~About Me~

Hello, there! Welcome to Showers of Blessings! 
If you are reading this, you are probably new to my blog and are wanting to know more about the girl behind the screen. Well for starters, thank you so much for stopping by! It is my hope that you will leave this little spot on the internet with a blessing. God is such an AMAZING God, and I wish to be a light for Him through Showers of Blessings! So stay awhile!

About Me - Short Version:

My name's Brooklyne. I am a homeschool graduate who is striving to live the life that God has planned for me. When I'm not binge reading or typing wildly at the keyboard of my computer, you will usually find me spending time with my family, my horse, or knee-deep in a artsy project. I believe God is good all the time, laughing is more contagious than yawning, and dogs are a girls best friend. It is my deepest hope that through the words God has placed on my heart to write, someone will gain a blessing and a desire to have a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

About Me - Long Version:

My name's Brooklyne. (Yes, spelled with a "e" at the end!) I am a homeschool graduate who is striving to live God's plan for my life. I am a country girl through and through. I reside with my awesome family on Winds of Faith Family Farm in Midwestern USA, where we own horses, goats, mini pigs, and chickens. But really, I love animals of all kinds!

I am Seventh-day Adventist, and if you would like to know more about my religious beliefs, feel free to check out my "I Believe" page. I am also a vegetarian and believe that a plant-based lifestyle is the healthiest of options. To learn more, go to my "Choose Health" page.

Being a writer at heart, I have recently realized my dream of self-publishing both fiction and non-fiction books. And therefore, I am working towards that dream by keeping my fingers busy flying across the keyboard.

As for blogging, if you have read my blog for any small amount of time, you will probably notice that I post mostly devotionals, poems, and writing related posts. I am also known for over-using exclamation marks, commas, and parentheses. Oh, and asterisks! *winks*

I am a die-hard bookworm, and am the kind of girl that brings multiple books on vacation just in case I finish the first one! I typically read historical fiction, contemporary fiction, western fiction, Christian fiction, and non-fiction.

I was dubbed a "cowgirl" the day I was bucked three time, flew threw the air, and landed on my head. A trip to the emergency room and a slight concussion later, I got back up on that horse again and received the title of a True Cowgirl. I now have a healthy respect of horses, but have not let that stop me from getting back up in the saddle. I currently ride my spunky horse, Rosie, who is a chestnut Morgan lead mare. I got Rosie when she was four years old, she is now in her tweens. I work with Rosie using Natural Horsemanship.

If you were to know me in person, I would be the girl who is extremely quiet and shy. But stick around for, say, 10 years and you would come to find out that if I'm around people I am comfortable with (my family) then I can come out of my shell and be quite rambunctious. Here on the internet, if you look closely, you can catch a small glimpse of that side, because written words have a way of slowly chipping away at this very-much-so-introverted person. In other words, I write a lot better than trying to "play tennis" in real-life conversation.

But most importantly, above anything else I say in this About Me page, I am a daughter of the One True King. God sent His only begotten Son to pay the ultimate price for my sins. Jesus came to die on a cross so that I (we) can be saved. So that some day, we can have everlasting life! What an amazing God we serve! It is my hope, that the words I say, and the words I type always glorify my Heavenly Father.

Some of my many interests/hobbies would include the following:

~Reading, Writing, and Blogging~
As I mentioned above!

~Graphic Design~
I currently am learning and practicing my skills with blog post graphics, mock book covers, book covers, special bulletins and postcards for church, blog headers, and more!

I have a Goat's Milk Soap business where I sell bars of artistically designed goats milk soap.

Not as a professional by no means, I just enjoy capturing big and small moments in life.

Because who could not love 'em! My favorite horse related quote is, "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway."

~Things that are creative and artsy~
Anything from painting pottery, to wood burned sign making!

~5k's and Mud Runs~
As long as I'm with my team (aka family) it's always a blast...

~Working out~
I love it and I hate it. That about sums it up!

Some fun and really random facts about me are the following:
1. I love tacos!
2. Peppermint ice cream is my favorite
3. I don't care for Ebooks, only real paperback books
4. I think short vacations are a lot of fun, but I'm always happy to be back home...
5. I like to garden
6. I really like feathers for some reason. I draw them, collect them, you name it!
7. My favorite seasons are summer and fall
8. Favorite color is blue
9. I like country music 
10. I can write backwards 

Thanks so much for reading my blog and learning more about me and my randomness! I hope you have a wonderful day, God bless! <3


  1. I enjoyed reading your updated about me page! I like horses, reading, photography, and tacos too;) And I also don't like e-books, it has to be paperback!

    1. Thanks so much, Patience! Yay! We have a lot in common! And yes, I agree, real paper books that you can hold in your hands are so much better than reading on a screen!
      Thanks for commenting on my new updated About Me page! <3

    2. Yes! I can get headaches easily reading on a screen, and I also like having my favorite paperback books on my bookshelf:)
      And I know what you mean about loving and hating working out! That's the same with me, and also having discipline! Once I put it off one day, I don't get back to it about a month later!

    3. Yes, I like being able to see all my books on my bookshelf too!
      Working out is awesome, until you don't feel like it. *winks* The same thing happens to me a lot as well! We just have got to keep trying and get in the habit of it, I guess! :)

  2. :D :D Love this page, Brooklyne! <3

  3. I love that picture. I had seen you entered it into the Circle C contest.

    1. Me too! Yes I did. It was one of my graduation pictures! ;)