Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Does My Problem Qualify for Peace that Surpasses?

Today's post goes hand-in-hand with last weeks poem, therefore I am making it into a two part series! I will post both last week and this weeks posts in my "Blog Series" page! 
Also, notice the lovely new arrows and sign off graphics that I will be adding to each post to make things more aesthetic! *winks* 


Does my problem qualify for peace that surpasses all understanding? 

I found myself asking this question when I was going through a rough time in my life. I felt like I was at the end of my rope, but when I saw those around me going through so much more than my “petty problems” I questioned whether or not I qualified for peace. I am so blessed. Can my small (compared to others) problem qualify for God to give me peace? Is His peace needed elsewhere to help someone who has a more worthy problem? If you have ever had these thoughts, let me tell you this:

There is no qualification process when it comes to God’s peace. 

God’s peace is given to comfort and calm His children, no matter how big or small their situation. 

All kinds of problems weigh us down and eventually we become so tired and so worked up that we don’t even know if “peace that surpasses all understanding” is even out there. We worry, we hyperventilate, we cry, we feel hopeless. These problems that we face can be set off by the tiniest of things but go way deeper. Things that are unsettled from months or even years past can resurface themselves with a vengeance no worldly peace can quench. 

Peace from the world is temporary, it lasts for a moment until we can cover up our true feelings, pushing them down, and locking them away. That is, only for them to come back up again in the future. 

Peace from God is felt deep down, a peace that starts from the inside first. It’s that still small voice when the world around you is in chaos. It’s that presence you feel when you are calm and still, despite the circumstances. God’s peace is felt the strongest in the times when all you want to do is sink down on the kitchen floor and bawl your eyes out. The moment that seems hopeless is the moment when God works in our weakness and shows us Hope. 

Some might feel a peace settle over them in a Divine Presence. I have read about how people will be in a stressful situation and then they will pray. Immediately they will feel a peace that surpasses all understanding. Umm, am I the only one who has not experienced this? I’m not saying this cannot happen, but I do believe that peace comes to different people in different ways. 

Peace doesn’t always come in a form of perfect calmness and control. It doesn’t always instantly settle over us. Peace can be known in the craziness. 

Finding peace is when your exhausted, when your at your lowest of lows, you’ve hit rock bottom, and yet you know…And because you Know, you take a step of faith, and ask God to give you peace.

 Peace is knowing that God is in control even when your not. It’s knowing that He is with you and that you are not alone. It’s knowing that He has a plan for you. It’s knowing that He is all-powerful and faithful. It’s knowing that He is the ultimate giver of the peace you so desperately need. It’s knowing and believing in His peace.

I challenge all of us to start searching for God's peace in our lives. Because, there is no qualification process when it comes to God's peace!

Have you ever felt like true peace from God is hard to feel? Have you ever doubted that peace that surpasses all understanding even exists? How can we find this peace in our stressful situations and painful problems? 
Also, stay tuned for next week, because I have a fun bookish related post!!
Lets talk in the comments below! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

And Know

And Know 
Written by Brooklyne 

Be still 
And know
That I am God
Have faith
And know
That I am faithful
Find Joy
And know
That I am merciful 
Praise Me
And know 
That I am exalted
Seek Me
And know
That I will be found
Honor Me
And know
That I will guide you

In the plans I have for you

Believe in Me
And know
That you are saved
Trust in Me 
And know
That you are Mine
Hope in Me
And know 
That you are safe

In my arms 

Lean on Me 
And know 
That I am your Rock
Cast your burdens on Me
And know 
That I am strong

In your weakness 

Be still
And know

That I am God! 

Sometimes we have to take a step back from our situations and Know. We have to Know that we are in capable hands, because God cares for His children.
We have to Know that He is stronger even when we are weak and frail.
We choose to Know because where is the hope in doubting?

Have you ever felt like it is super hard to be still and Know? 
How are ways that we can stop doubting and start Knowing? 
Comment below! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Today, I'm posting two letters. Sometimes I'm weird and I write letters to things that aren't people. It wouldn't feel right without doing something for the New Year, so I thought writing these letters would be a way to end last year and begin this year! I have also linked to some of my blog posts throughout 2018 that I want to keep alive. Also, at the end of this post, I am giving you some really important insider information about what's happening on Showers of Blessings in the new year! 

(So, if you are new to Showers of Blessings or even if you are not a new follower, feel free to check out the older blog posts linked below in context to what I'm saying in the letters. Also for new followers, one of my nicknames is "Ben" so just letting you know so you don't get confused...)


Dear twenty eighteen, 

For a year that has gone by so fast, you have sure put a lot of changes in my path. Overall, you were a good year, you definitely had your ups and downs. This year was filled with many blessings, but also so many challenges. But through those rough patches, I am a better person for it, because I grew closer and closer to my Savior.               

This last year, one of the things that I am so thankful for is to have been given the opportunity to start a blog and join this amazing blogging community (aka the blogosphere), where there is just as many deep and heartfelt posts out there as there are fangirl confetti. I have "met" so many girls that share the same interests as I do and it is so awesome to see how God works through Showers of Blessings! I can't wait to see where He takes this blog in the new year. 

There were so many adventures I went on in 2018! I tried many new things and went on quite a few vacations. I went zip lining, parasailing, mud runs, and triathlons for the very first time in my life. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did things like shadowing future job options and taking my written driving test to get my temporary drivers license.

In this last year, I have also realized my dream for writing a book and becoming self-published! 

In 2018, I turned 18, which is a milestone! 

This past year, I have and still am learning about trusting God in the unknown, even when I don't know Why certain things happen. I am so grateful to have been given another year. 

Twenty eighteen, I will look back on you with fondness, because even through the tough times, I would like to think of those times as refining me. I don't mean to sound melancholy, but goodbye 2018. May I always remember the memories I made in this year! 



Dear twenty nineteen, 

I have to admit, saying twenty nineteen does not have near as good a ring to it as it was saying twenty eighteen. You know, new year, I'm not scared of you like I probably should be.   Your just another 12 months, 52.143 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, and 525,600 minutes. No, I didn't do all that math by myself! Ok, so you might be just a little bit intimidating, but... moving on! 

Twenty nineteen, you will no doubt have your many ups and downs, your joys and trials, but it is my hope that I will turn to God in those bad times as well as the good times. 

In this next year, I want to accomplish my goals, but also rely on His plan for this year. I want to be able to step out of my comfort zone more and be bold for God. I want to cultivate my writing and if it is in His will, I might just become a author and not just a writer. I want to love those around me and cherish the time I have with those who are with me through thick and thin. I want to be still and know that He is God. I want to watch Him paint my Brokenness into Masterpieces. I want to find my Special Mission.

I wish to Stay Awestruck of of my Creator and live more fully because of Him. I wish to be a witness through the words I write and also to the people I meet. I wish to strengthen my trust, knowing that I have a Trust Rope to hang on too when I'm falling. I wish to be more knowledgeable of the Bible. I wish to find True Joy and not just search for temporary happiness. I wish to be a better sister, daughter, and friend.

So many adventures await in the year of 2019, and it is my hope that I will be ready for all that this coming year brings.

In 2019, I will learn a abundance of new things, and in this next chapter, I will grow. I will grow stronger and closer to Jesus. Because He will never fail me. His love for me never fails. So, hello 2019, may I live this year with memories and not just dreams! 


"Spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders,
 let me walk upon the waters 
wherever You would call me. 
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my Faith will be made stronger 
in the presence of my Savior"

Happy New Year y'all! This time of year is not just for looking back on the last 12 months of our lives, but also looking forward to what the next chapter has in store of us! That is why I wrote these two letters and I thought I would share them with you. Maybe they can encourage you, because if you are anything like me, change can be hard. So, I am praying for you in this new year, may we all stand strong in Christ! 

I encourage you to write a letter to 2018 and 2019. You don't need to share it with anyone, you could hide it under your bed if you want! But it's good to acknowledge the good times and the difficult times over the year. 

I see a lot of girls around the blogosphere that are picking words for their years. I thought this was a really good idea and started thinking about my word all the way back in the early weeks of December. And I have to admit, it was so hard picking one word, there are so many words that I could pick! Words such as courage, joyful, simple, trusting, faithful, bold. All of these are so good, but the word I chose wasn't of that list. 

I chose a humbling word Unfinished. 

God is refining and molding me. I am not done yet. Although my Creator is perfect, I am still a work-in-progress. He is writing my story and He knows the paths I will take. I want to rely on His plans. I don't know exactly why I picked this word, or why it stood out to me. To me it's like describing a semicolon. "There is more to be said" it's unfinished. There is so much ahead of me, so many things to be discovered and opportunities to take, I have barely scratched the surface! :)


New year blog changes: 

Don't worry, nothing big at all, because I am rather happy with my blog design! I'm not sure when I will get these changes up, but I would like too soon! I want to tell you all some of my ideas and give you a heads up as to whats going on. 

-I am going to put some quotes on my sidebar.
-Reorganize my Pages and add Pages.
-Maybe tweak the header.
-Figure out how to do a picture and About Me intro on the sidebar.
-Change my sign-off signature. 
-Maybe post a (life or writing or bookish or tag) post once a month on a day other than Wednesday?

Tell me your thoughts on these ideas! I want to hear what Showers of Blessings' readers like about my blog and how to make it more user friendly and better displayed. 

Posts to look forward too: 

January will be the usual posting schedule of posting every Wednesday trading off between a devotional and poem. The last Wednesday of January will have a wrap up post as usual.

For each Wednesday in the month of February, I am celebrating my one year blogging anniversary! That means that I will be doing some really fun posts and hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! Yes, your read that right! I am already starting to put the giveaway prize together and let me just say, I wish I could win it! (Ya, that sounded really bad, I know!) 

March will be another fun month because I have asked each of my immediate family members to take over my blog for every Wednesday and post whatever they would like too! They could talk about some of there interests, life on Winds of Faith, photo dumps, recipes, devotionals, interviews, whatever they would like to share! It's going to be a blast! 

***Because those two months are already planned, I am going to NOT be doing monthly wrap-up posts for February and March. I know you all really like reading my wrap-ups, so I am by no means stopping them, but I do not want to take away from the other things I have planned (plus I need that extra Wednesday!) Wrap-up posts will continue on in March.***

So tell me what you think of my ideas! 

Have you ever written your year a letter? What did you do to celebrate the New Year? Is there anything fun that you are looking forward to in 2019? Were you able to look over the older posts linked throughout the letters? What is your word for twenty nineteen? Do you have any changes you would like to see around Showers of Blessings? Comment below! :)

P.S. This is my 50th post!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

December Wrap-Up Post + Room Tour!

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! I can't believe that December is almost over! And not only is December coming to a close, but also the year of twenty eighteen! This wrap up post is the last post of 2018! So, lets get on with wrapping up the last month of the year! And I will save the "goodbye 2018" speech for next week!

❅❅❅Colder weather❅Hot chocolate❅Painting pottery <3❅Bought 12 books at a thrift store for only 6 dollars!!!❅Wrote❅Late night poem inspiration❅Shipping out a soap order❅Taco Bell❅Reading blog posts❅Writing blog posts❅Planning a surprise for y'all!❅Nativity skit practice at church❅Practicing my gourd thumb piano❅Eating haystacks at potluck (taco salad...)❅Making magnets❅Making a rag bowl ❅Praying❅Giving Bella her medication❅Reading❅Painting nails❅Moving horses in the barn because of weather❅Working out early EARLY in the morning at the YMCA❅Participating in my first book tour!❅Making breakfast❅Singing/dancing with my cousins❅Smoothies❅Looking at a ton of Christmas lights❅Watching Courageous❅Watching JK Studios (Studio C)❅Eating leftovers❅Playing Uno❅Playing Dutch Blitz❅Horse farrier❅Horse chiropractor❅Enjoying cookies❅Deep discussions with mom❅Facials with big sis❅Homemade lemonade❅Chocolate❅Hot tub❅Country music❅Writing❅Soap making (peppermint and lavender)❅WIP research❅Movies❅Painting pottery again!❅FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK (It's never too cold outside!)❅Nativity skit and Church Musical❅Yes, we did pull it off, and were surprised to see 97 people at our church! Are usual congregation ranges from 25-30 including my family!❅Preparing and eating good food❅Entering two contests❅Visiting the nursing home for our Christmas program❅Eating vegetarian chicken nachos❅Playing Telestrations❅That game is so fun and funny!❅Watching a movie Christmas night❅❅❅

❄❄❄Because things are funny??❄When I get a Dutch Blitz card out in the middle of the table before my sisters do (you might not know how crazy it can get unless you have played this card game before!)❄At jokes❄At riddles❄When a song pops on and we (me and little sis) know the Studio C version!❄Quoting movies❄Playing battle ship❄At our facial bubble charcoal masks!❄We looked like Pandas!❄At our Telestrations drawings❄❄❄

~Funny moments~
Me: Looking at the DVD player with exasperation. Pushing buttons, "Why won't this thing open so I can put the disk in??" 
Little Sis': "It might help if you were using the right remote!"

Little Sis': Tells me a joke.
Me: "I have know IDEA what the answer is."
Little Sis': Tells me the answer.
Me: *laughing*
Little Sis': Tells another joke.
Me: "???"
Little Sis': Answers then tells another.
Me: "I don't know, but these are making my brain hurt!"

(This next one is kind of funny... for you...very awkward for me!)

Bank lady: "Alright, are you a student?"
Me: Looks at mom, "Am I?"
Thoughts: How can I explain that I am technically out of high school, but I am still student aged and not really sure what kind of continual education I might have in the future??? *facepalm*

I'm awkward again, next question...
Bank Lady: "What's your phone number?"
Me: "Um... I don't know, let me see." Looks in phone contacts while face turns miserably red.
Thoughts: Someone help!!! *gulp*

Still awkward...
Bank Lady: "So, what are your plans now that you are out of school?"
Me: "I'm still not sure yet." *very thankful that my mom fills awkward silence following*
Thoughts: *Screams* Not again!!! Why does everyone ask that!!!??? *Decides I need to come up with a better reply* *headdesk*

Who knew getting a checking account could be so torturous! Moving on!

❆❆❆My sweet Bella Baby❆A good deal on books!❆Time with family❆Seat heaters!❆Watching shooting stars❆Family teamwork❆Getting a new book in the mail❆Getting mail❆My new computer❆A space heater in my room (this is a very important thing to have if your room is in the basement!)❆Opportunities to give❆❆❆

❄❄❄To forgive❄To step out of my comfort zone (why is it so hard for me!!!???)❄To better manage my time❄How to write a novel❄That if I plan to get up at 5AM then I need to go to bed at a decent time!❄That God is for sure when we are so unsure❄To roll with it!❄To find confidence in who I am❄That we all cannot be perfect, only Jesus is perfect❄To Trust❄To lean on Him❄To wait❄To seek and search❄To step out in faith❄That time flies, so cherish today❄❄❄

~Mini Photo Dump~

After Nativity Skit and Musical Church service, we had potluck... Look at how pretty that cake is! Chocolate with raspberry!

This is the gourd thumb piano that I played with my cousin for the service.

We got a waffle maker!

I thought this was so pretty!

Peppermint ice cream at a cute little ice cream parlor! 

Funny conversation with Lil' Sis! This is how a true blogger texts, btw! And note: I don't like pudding!  *makes face*

Peppermint ice cream sandwich, do you see a ice cream pattern here??

This was off of Pinterest that I had saved to my phone a year ago. 

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for!!! My room tour video!

I hope you enjoyed watching that video and reading this post! What was your favorite thing about this wrap-up post? Do you hate pudding like I do? How was your Christmas? Next week I will be talking about some changes to Showers of Blessings (nothing major at all... but if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments so I can be thinking about them!) for the new year, and also talking about 2018. So, be on the lookout for next weeks post! Happy New Year!!!
Let's talk in the comments below!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Tag // Poem

Merry Christmas!!! Today, I have two different things to share with you. One is a tag, and the other is a poem! The tag is a Christmas tag that I thought should be done before it "expires." Maybe that only makes sense to me and my half-awake brain. (I just happen to be writing this after I have been awake for 13-14 hours... oh well.)

12 of my Christmas favorites tag! 


The Rules

Thank and link back to the blogger who tagged you - Thank you, Anita!

Answer the twelve questions.
Tag one to four bloggers and give them twelve questions to answer.
Use the above photo for the beginning of your post. 

The Twelve Questions:

1. What is your favorite Christmas Song? 

I'm not a big Christmas music person, but I do like some Christmasy hymns such as Joy to the World, Oh Come, All Ye Faithful, Away in the Manger, The First Noel (I'm playing this one for a church musical...)

2. Favorite Christmas tradition?

Eating nachos and playing games with my family! 

3. Favorite Christmas Movie? 

Um, ok, I am going to have to break out some Hallmarks here! A Very Merry Mix-Up was probably one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. 

4. What is your favorite holiday sweet? 

HOW CAN I DECIDE?! I love my mom's Cinnamon red hot bread, Papa's chocolate peanut clusters, homemade chocolate covered cherries, sugar cookies, peppermint ice cream!  

5. Favorite holiday drink? 

Hot chocolate of course! Peppermint hot chocolate is really good too! Or I might just opt for a FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK! 

6. Candy Canes or Chocolate? 

Both of them together!!! 

7. Sugar Cookies or Brownies? 

Why are these questions so hard? I guess I will go with sugar cookies because my sister makes really good ones! But... I like brownies too, especially with ice cream! 

8. Do you like to buy or make Christmas gifts? 

I think handmade gifts are a lot more special, but obviously you can't make certain gifts. 

9. Does your family decorate for Christmas? 

No, we don't do much decorating for Christmas. Other than the paper snowflakes taped to the door, and the amazing scent of freshly baked goodies. We use too, but then we decided to do things differently than we did a few years ago. 

Christmas used to be a lot more about giving presents to each of our family members and filling stocking stuffers. We lived in our bigger house, and had a big room that we put a giant Christmas tree with a train wrapped around it on the floor. We decorated like crazy! I think decorating is fun, but it is just a extra thing that can be crowding time along with the rest of the Christmas time business. So, no, we don't go all out with decorations in the past few years.

10. What do you do on Christmas Eve? 
Every Christmas Eve, we go to my Aunt's house and have a Christmas dinner.

11. What do you do on Christmas Day? 

We try to do a little more outreach around Christmas time, since people seem to be more open to hearing about “The Reason for the Season.” 

The last few Christmas’ we have gone to the nursing home. We sing, play interments, do nativities, and give the residents gifts. This year we are giving them each little prayer bears. After the nursing home, we come home and have nachos! They are so good! Also around Christmas time, we bake red hot cinnamon bread (If you have never tried my mom's red hot cinnamon bread then you are so missing out!) and give it to our neighbors on our road.

12. What is your favorite Christmas Bible verse? 
Luke 2:10-11
"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

I tag Liberty
I tag Ashley  
I tag Rebekah (Who just happened to read my mind and already did this tag...Oops. You don't have to do this again unless you want to answer more Christmasy questions! *winks*)
and I tag YOU! 

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago and I thought I would include it in today's post... 

And Yet
Written by Brooklyne 

I hurt, and yet 
You comfort 
I bleed, and yet 
You heal
I run, and yet 
You find me
I hide, and yet 
You see me
I doubt, and yet 
You reassure me
I flea, and yet 
You are constant 
I fall, and yet 
You lift me up
I stumble, and yet 
You steady me
I wander, and yet 
You guide me
I falter, and yet 
You are my Rock
I cower, and yet 
You are my courage 
I fail, and yet 
You succeed 
I am weak, and yet 
You are strong! 

2 Corinthians 12:9
"And He said to me.
 'My grace is sufficient for you, 
for My strength is 
made perfect in weakness.' "


How do you celebrate Christ's birth? What is one of your family traditions? Do you like Christmas music? What line is my poem stood out to you the most? 
Comment below!