Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Family Forever Month // Mom

Happy March 20th ya'll! THIS IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! Yay!!! Today it's time for my third Family Forever Month post and my mom is going to be guest posting! Mama means the world to me, and I am so thankful that God made her my mom! She is the BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!! She is my BFF, my cheerleader, and she is always in my corner! <3

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Now it's time for my mom to share her guest post! 
Welcome to Showers of Blessings, Mama!  

I am honored to have been asked by my sweet Brooklyne to do a guest post on her blog.  This is so important to me because I know how special all of her readers, followers, and fellow bloggers are to her. <Wink> (Did I do that right?) <smiles>

I have been praying about what to share with you all.  I sit here with my little doggies on my lap, thinking about what God has taught me in my 47 years of life that would be relevant to young people today.  I decided to write a letter to my younger self.  So here goes!


Dear 18 year old Jennie,

  I can’t believe that you are in your last year of high school.  I know its been hard moving to a new high school, in a new state, and having your parents get divorced, but this is your second year here and you are surviving.  I see you fretting so over getting good grades, trying to please your new teachers, your parents, and trying to keep a high enough GPA to get into those college classes that you can take for free as a high school senior.  I wish for you to do your very best, but understand that you are not responsible to make other people happy with your academic accomplishments.  Others happiness is not up to you, its up to God.  So do your best and try to have balance in your school life and your social life and leave the rest up to God.  
  Speaking of social life…I am excited for you to have new friends.  I know you wish they were deep friendships like you had with your friend Rhonda in grade school, but hang in there.  High school is so different since everyone is growing up and testing everything.  Look for Godly friends, Jennie.  Friends that will encourage you to have a relationship with God.  Friends that you can have fun with.  Safe fun, silly fun, innocent fun, no regrets kind of fun!  For it is the decisions that you make with these friends that have the potential to change your life forever.  Changes for the good or the bad.  So sit down with your journal… you and God…and decide ahead of time how you will handle situations that you know will come up.  Drugs, sex, staying out past curfew, modesty, alcohol, smoking, cussing, dangerous dares, cheating in school, stealing, and the list can go on and on.  But make your decisions with Gods help before you are actually confronted with them.  This way when you are in the moment you won’t have to make a “game time decision” because you already know what to do.  This will take a lot of pressure off of you and save you a lot of regret later in life.
  Another thing I wanted to talk to you about are those days when you feel like you have more questions than answers.  Those are confusing, overwhelming times and everyone has them.  I know it may seem like all of your friends have it all together and know exactly which life path to take and never have down days, but that simply isn't true.  (Just be glad you don’t live in the era of social media…someday you will understand)  EVERYONE that walks this earth has a cross to bear.  Sometimes we know what others crosses are and sometimes we don’t.  At one point or another everyone has questions like.. what to be when you grow up?  Wether you will marry or not?  Wether you want to have children or not?  If you really are comfortable and confident with your own body?  When the second coming will actually happen and if you will be able to stand strong in the end of time?  If you are a good sister and daughter?  If you are “good enough” at anything?  Deep breath sweet girl, all of these questions will find there way of working out.  And when satan tries to beat you up with finding all of the answers RIGHT NOW please remember that your God is not the author of confusion, satan is.  Satan will always try to cause you to be moved by your “feeler” instead of your “thinker.”  Remember who has already defeated satan …GOD!  So stay close to Jesus.  You may not know the answers to these questions for years and years so give them to God.  Don’t let worry steal the joy that you have today.  Share with God your questions, fears, concerns.  Try writing God a letter and then listen….and look for God to speak to you.  Because I know He loves you with such a deep everlasting love.  Look for his love in nature, in the kindness of a stranger, in the eyes of a dear pet.  
  Don't worry about the future for it will take care of itself.  Be present, live fully, and love deeply those people that God has placed in your life.  You are a treasured child of the King.  Made uniquely YOU for the calling that God has placed you on this earth to do.  Live each day to honor and please God and you will find a peace like no other.

47 year old Jennie


Well, I did it!  I wrote my first blog post...  Thank you so much Brooklyne for this opportunity.  It was fun!!  

Here’s a few pictures of my writing buddies…

 ^^ Maisey and Tucker! 

^^ So sweet! 

^^ They love their dog beds!

^^ And they love to snuggle! 

^^ We bring them hiking! 

Here are some pictures of Brooklyne and I... 

^^ Me with a nine year old Brooklyne! 

^^ Me with a seventeen year old Brooklyne 

^^ (Brooklyne says to check out her Camp NanoWriMo shirt!)

^^ At the beach! <3 

^^ Right before parasailing! ;)

^^ Snow skiing!! 

Thank you so much for guest posting Mama! That letter you wrote to your younger self was amazing! Thanks for sharing that with us! <3 I love you so much! 

I hope you all liked reading this third Family Forever Month post! Have a wonderful day! 

Have you ever written a letter to your younger self? Are you going to have one of your family members guest post on your blog? Thank for reading, comment below! 

and Mama! 


  1. I loved reading this! I enjoyed reading the post and looking at the pictures <3

    1. Thank you, Patience! I'm so glad you liked this post! Thanks for reading! <3

  2. Loved this post! :) Thanks for mentioning my post, Brooklyne! <3

    1. I'm so glad! And you're welcome! I loved reading your Family Forever Month post! xx

  3. I'm loving this series, Brooklyne! It's fun meeting your family. :)
    I'm really close with my mom too. <3
    I loved all of the pictures! <3
    Thanks for linking my post! :)

    1. Me too! I love introducing my family to y'all!
      Being close to our moms is such a blessing! I don't know what I would do without her! She is amazing! <3
      Thanks! :P
      You're welcome!!

  4. Ahh, what can I say?

    Maybe, first, I should introduce myself! I'm Lily (Boots is just a nickname), a fellow Christian homeschooler!! I'm like, absolutely 250% in love with your blog!!! I used to have one that was out for the public eye to see, but because of some issues I closed it down. Now I'm wishing I hadn't. LOL Anyway, your posts are soooo amazing!!! I've been reading blogs in this community for the last few months, but my mom just recently (like this morning) gave me permission to comment on them!! Yippee!! I can honestly say that we are so much alike!! We're so very close to the same age, and we have a lot of the same interests!! I'm a historical/western fiction writer, too, and I've just recently finished my first book with my writing partner. I also love horses a bunch. I have two of my own; Sage (A palomino AQH) and Issoba (Name meaning Like a Deer; a light palomino dun Southwest Spanish Mustang). Your Rosie is so cute!!!! I also write poetry, and devotions!!! Plus, I LOVE outdoors, animals, and natural health. Anyway, I look forward to blog grow and flourish!!

    ~ God bless you ~

    ~ Boots

    1. Hi Boots (Lilly)! That's a cool nickname! Wow! I'm so glad you came across my blog, it's always amazing to see how God works behind the scenes! And to hear that you like reading Showers of Blessings so much, like, totally makes my day!!! <3 Thank you so much for taking the time to read my posts!!!

      That's so cool that you are homeschooled and LOVE horses! Horses are awesome! Sage and Issoba are great horse names! How long have you owned them?

      And you are a writer too? That's so neat! Are you going to publish your book?? Historical/western fiction is my favorite! =)

      WE do have a lot in common, don't we! Thanks so much for commenting, I hope you have a GREAT day!!! xx

    2. Aww, thanks!! I'm glad I came across your blog, too!! It is amazing!! He always has surprises in store for us! Aww, I am so glad!!! You're very welcome!! Thank you for posting so I can read the posts!!!

      Yes, I thought it was quite a crazy coincidence!!! Horses are awesome!! Thank you! My brother actually came up with the name Sage! I've owned them both for about two years now. I had been praying for a palomino horse for basically my entire life, and one day - actually the day after the horse I had always ridden before passed on - my grandma called me to tell me I had a horse. She'd been training him for a while. About a month later, I won a story contest. The prize was just money, but the guy who cares for the mustangs (Issoba was a mustang up in the mountains) gave me Issoba!! I was the first to ever touch her, and she's really bonded with me. The big thing is, they were both FREE!!! I'd been praying for a horse, and God delivered waaayy beyond my expectation!! I am so thankful to those two men who gave me my babies!!! <3 Oh, my family also owns three other horses and a pony. We live on a ranch, so they're all cow horses!

      Yes, I'm a writer!! Actually, my partner and I are planning on publishing!! We're hoping it will be this year. We just have to find some alpha and beta readers as well as proofreaders and reviewers. Again, though, God has delivered. I've been praying that this book I'm writing will be His work, and He must approve, because so many people have just stepped up and offered to help!! Oh yes, it's the best!!!! Maybe I could find some books to recommend for you sometime!

      Yes, we do!!! Aww, thank you very much, and you're welcome!!!

      You have a blessed day, too!! <3

      (Sorry for my horrendously long comments!)

      ~ Boots

    3. Wow! What an amazing story about finding your two horses, that is so neat! I'm so glad that God orchestrated that for you! And I love palomino horses!!! <3
      That is so cool! I have always thought it sounded fun to break a mustang from the very beginning! I bet you two have quite the bond! :P

      Yay! I love seeing more and more people taking on self-publishing! I can't wait until my writing is at that stage! It's all a journey, though! Yes, this whole writing process takes lots of prayer! God's got it!
      Ohhh, yes, what is your favorite book??

      (Oh, no problem at all! Horrendously long comments are the best kind! *winks*)

  5. Enjoyable post! Very cute dogs and lovey pictures!

    1. Thanks! Awe, yes, they are such sweet little doggies! We love 'em so much! <3

  6. I've just been catching up on your posts. Both these ones your parents wrote are so sweet. I really needed to hear what your Mum said. :)

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading my Family Forever Month posts, Rachel! I love my family so much!! And I also needed to hear this guest post! <3