Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Family Forever Month // Big Sis'

Howdy all! I have something extremely special and new for y'all today! Throughout this month, I am going to be featuring my immediate family members!!! I'm calling this March: Family Forever Month! That means, each Wednesday I will be letting my Mom, Dad, and two sisters "guest post" or whatever they would like to post with/for me! These posts might entail interviews, videos, photo shoots, recipes, devotions, how-to posts, basically whatever they would like to share! Who knows, I might even do this more than just this month, because my family is totally awesome!
Let me tell you, it's going to be a blast! *winks*

This isn't really a tag, but if you would like to do something similar with your family this month on your blog, then go for it! (That is, if you are searching for new and fun post ideas!) So, if you do feature a family member, comment below and tell me about it so I can go check out your post! :D And if you would like, use this graphic to spread the word about this fun blog posting (dare I say "trend" I'm hoping to start?!)

Anywho, today's first Family Forever Month post is going to be super fun because I am going to be chatting/interviewing/bantering with my older sister!

I will be in blue, and she will be in dark green!


Brooklyne- Hiya Big Sis! (ok, I normally call you Sissy, I know.) Anyway, welcome to Showers of Blessings! Thanks for agreeing to chat here on the blog with me! So, I guess we will start off by introducing you to my online friends. 

Blogger friends, this is my older sister, Kalesta. Sissy, these are my blogger friends. *points to sissy then back at y'all out there* (sorry, I'm bad at making introductions!) 

So, Sista, tell us a little bit about yourself and how happy you are to be helping me by sorta kinda guest posting today! Feel free to use as many asterisks as you want too!  "*" <-- those things, if you are not familiar with blogger language. *winks* Oh, and try to remember not to embarrass me in front of my blog readers... PLZ! *holds breath* 

Kalesta aka Sissy- *rolls eyes* I would never EVER dream of embarrassing you, Little Sis'. *evil grin* *sarcastic tone* 

Intro on who I am: 
I love to garden and I would like to make gardening my business. I actually like doing pretty much anything outside and I think it would be pretty cool to learn how to weld. Unfortunately, starting my own business takes more collateral than I'd like. Therefore, I work part time, front desk at a doctors office in town. 
I love animals of all kinds! Especially my Arabian, Khnight Watch and my adorable mutt, Dakota! My favorite past time is lifting weights at the gym with Maymay (Brooklyne).

Already loving your asterisks, btw! *clears throat nervously* 

Great intro! Ok. Moving right along... Lets first talk about some of your favorites. What is your favorite color? You already know mine. (Hint hint, I'm using it right now!) 

My favorite color is green. I typically lean towards darker, earthy greens. *thinks to myself* Can camo be considered a color?? 
When I was about ten years old, my favorite color was red. :) 

I like green too! Now, what's your favorite song? (It can be country, whatever you like!) 

My favorite song? I couldn't decide! I love country, that's pretty much it. I listen to lots of country and some old rock. My favorite song totally depends on what mood I'm in... 

Me and you both have a hard time picking favorites, don't we!?! Now, lets talk about animals, shall we? (We shall! *rolls eyes* *while spitting up tea* Peppermint tea? No, something bitter, I'm not sure what kind mom made for me. *laughs*) Back to the conversation here... Tell us a little about your dog and horse. How long have you loved animals? 

I'm pretty sure I loved animals, like, from day 1#!!! (Hehe, yes, we're talking about the girl who signs of on each birthday card "Kalesta and all the animals!")

I got Khnight, lets see, he was 18 (he will be 28 this May) years old and I was around 11 years old. Khnight was a surprise, and he was the first horse we had ever owned. He taught us a lot. Lets just say, he was probably not the best option for a first horse, but we didn't know that at the time. I have always loved him, but I didn't like him much the day he bucked you (Brooklyne) off. That was not one of the best moves he's made. Khnight Watch has taught us perseverance and patience, because if he would have been a easy horse to ride, we wouldn't' be the riders we are today. You kind of let me be his sole owner when you got Rosie, and for that I'm glad because I got the better horse out of the deal. *winks* (Hehe, yeah we will let you believe that...)

Dakota was rescued from a rescue that was shut down months after we got him because of the conditions of the rescue (one woman was trying to take care of 60+ dogs in cages outside with no shelter, standing in mud and dog poop about a foot deep. It was bad!!) Rant continues... Dakota was taken by the police from a illegal dog fighting ring when he was three weeks old. He was one of three puppies and the only one to survive. His mother had been fought days after giving birth and died. He spent two weeks at the rescue before we got him... After lots of flea and worm treatments, he has been happy and healthy ever since. Except two years ago when he tore both of his CCL's (same as a ACL tear in a human.) He underwent surgery which included repositioning bone and securing it with a plate. Since then, he has made a full recovery and has resumed all of his normal daily activities (chasing small animals out of the back yard and try to keep up with mom's two chihuahua puppies.) Dakota is tough, smart and just plain PERFECT!  

Yes, Dakota has been through a lot! And I definitely agree that he is PERFECT! He makes a good watch dog too! :) 

So, you had said earlier that you are into gardening, what makes you like gardening so much? Do you have any gardening pet peeves? My gardening pet peeves are sunburns, sweating, weeds, bugs and heat. Ya, that pretty much sums up gardening, but I love it anyway! And feel free to keep the story of me and the wasp to yourself! 

I believe it was a hornet, and that was hilarious. But, I will be nice... 

I totally agree with you about your pet peeves with gardening. Things I like about gardening are: you get to be outside and active, starting seedlings is always a hopeful time, the harvest is always fun, feeling self-sufficient is a big one, and I like that gardening is never the same from year to year. There is always room to learn something more.

Ok, this question must be asked to all bookworms (or former bookworms in your case) *eye roll* Who says you can't have a job and still read?! What is your favorite book? Or at least what was your favorite book when reading was a priority? 

What do you mean "*eye roll*" we all know you have never been able to roll your eyes successfully. Still fun to watch you try though! 

As for reading, I still love to read. I just have so much on my plate I just don't have the time. Because I have a life. Not saying you don't, but kinda. Your life is just not as busy as mine, we will see how you feel in five years. 

When reading was more of a priority, my favorite books were The Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick and The Fire in Ember by DiAnn Mills. I liked reading some of the Love Finds You series, but some were just ok for me. I hate books that portray women as weak.

I'm going to ignore the whole eye roll comment (even though it's so true!) But I will have to say that we both are equally busy! Just in different ways! lol :) 

Oh, I liked reading those two books as well! We have pretty similar taste in books, don't we? Yes we do.

Hmmm, we probably only have time for a few more questions, so name five really random things about yourself... 

Really? Ya, its fun! *winks*

5 random things:
1. I had long bangs cut last year, and that was like the first thing that I had ever done different with my hair. Except for when you were little and had short bangs! They were so cute! 
2. I have a obsession with cowboy boots! I could wear them with anything! (Me too!) 
3. I love it when Brooklyne makes tacos, your the best bean seasoner! Thank you! ...I think?
4. I like searching for random quotes on Pinterest. That's fun.
5. I love hippie pants. (Anything colorful with bell-bottom pant legs.) Interesting.

My 5 random things about me would be: 
1. I can only text typing with my right thumb. You're silly.
2. I don't like eating twisters. I don't like them very much either.
3. I LOVE making frozen chocolate drinks! I LOVE drinking your frozen chocolate drinks!
4. I can curl more weight with my left arm even though I'm right-handed. Weird, so can I! 
5. I get sunburnt SO easily, and I hate sunscreen. (It's a lose lose) I tan. Na-na-na-na-na. 

Well, that's all we have time for today! Thanks for chatting with me, Big Sis', it was fun! 

I always love chatting with you too, but next time it might go a little bit faster because we won't have to write everything down. :) *waves bye to Ben's blogger friends* 

Good bye, good luck, and may the good Lord take a likin' to ya! (Anyone who guesses what movie/show that came from should get a prize!) 

Alrighty, that concludes the first post of Family Forever Month, I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about me and my older sister! This post was actually really fun for us to put together! 

Thanks for reading, and happy March! I can't wait for Spring to officially arrive! (Believe it or not, but we still have SNOW on the ground outside!) 

How did you like this post? Are you going to try a Family Forever Month post on your blog? Can you believe that it is almost Spring already?! What is one thing that has made you sparkle (gives you joy) lately? Lets talk abt it in the comments below!


  1. I loved this post! And I love your 'family forever month' idea!❤️ I can't wait till next week :D
    Is the quote from "The Horse Mafia"?

    1. I'm so glad! I can't wait for next week either! :)
      Good guess, but it is from Roy Rogers! We use to watch the Roy Rogers Show all the time! *winks*

  2. The crazy horses are the best teachers!. :)

    It was nice to meet you Kalesta!

    1. Yes, most definitely! Khnight has for sure had his fair share of crazy moments! XD

      Thanks for reading our little chat, Julian!

  3. This post was so fun! I enjoyed reading about you and your sister, Brooklyne! :) Love your idea for "family forever month"! Horses are so awesome and such great teachers!!! <3

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading, Molly! And I'm glad you like my Family Forever Month posting idea! You should feature one of your family members on your blog! It's pretty fun! Yes, I 100% agree! Horses are the best! <3

    2. I think I just might feature a family member! ;)

    3. Can't wait for one of your family members to be featured!!!! ;)

    4. Awesome! I can't wait to read your post, Molly!

      And thanks for stopping by, Sophie! :)

  4. Awwwwe that was so fun! I can’t wait to meet the rest of your family!!!

    1. Thanks for reading this post! I'm glad you thought it was fun, we had a lot of fun writing it! (And that random tea drinking/spitting up part actually happened! lol)
      I'm excited to see what my other family members come up with too!

  5. This was so fun to read! Maybe I'll do something like this sometime... :) I really liked seeing your guys' relationship through reading! :D Great idea!

    1. It was a lot of fun writing too! :) You should! *winks*
      Sisters are the best of friends! Thanks for reading this first installment of Family Forever Month!

  6. Aww, so fun to read this! My sis has been badgering me to host her on my blog again...maybe I'll have to do that this month. ;)
    Ahh, I KNEW I recognized that quote!! (I saw your answer in the comments;)) I practically grew up on Roy Rogers, haha! In fact, my siblings and I just watched a couple of his movies a couple of weeks ago because we missed them. XD
    Looking forward to next week's post!

    1. I'm so glad! I have wanted my family members to guest post for a while now! It's fun! You should definitely host your sister on your blog! *winks*
      YESsss! Roy Rogers is awesome! We use to watch them all the time too! We have had Roy Rogers birthday party themes, research papers about Roy Rogers, and even ate at a Roy Rogers Restaurant once! I also love Trigger and Buttermilk! XD
      Me too! Thanks for reading this post, Kaitlyn (again, I tried to add a "e" to your name! lol)

  7. This is such a good idea Brooklyne!

  8. Such a good idea, Brooklyne!!! I might try something like this on my blog, except I want to do it with my BFF :D I enjoy your posts so much and look forward to getting them in my Inbox <3

    1. I'm glad you think it's a good idea, Izzy! Oh, you should totally do something like this with your best friend! :) Aw, your so sweet, thank you for reading Showers of Blessings! xx

  9. Really fun to read! I might do this sometime when I have less blog ideas :).

  10. I wonder what is is like to have an older sibling. Sophie wants to say hi. Like the post!

    1. Having a older sibling definitely has it's advantages and disadvantages. But Sissy is a awesome older sister! *winks*
      Say hi to Sophie for me!! :) And thanks for reading this post, Sydnee! <3

  11. This was lots of fun to read. :) It was great to meet you, Kalesta - and you have a really cool name!

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica! <3 Yes she does have a pretty cool name! Although, no one seems to be able to pronounce it very well... :)

  12. this was rather interesting. I did see one issue when your sister used Your when she should have used, if using proper English, you're. Reference to your sister's third random question, and the mistake will be noticeable.

    1. You are welcome. The idea of a meet the family blog post series overall is cool and creative, and I really so far have found it amusing and enjoyable.

  13. Nice to "meet" you! How old are you?

  14. This would be fun, except I'm not really supposed to put too much about my siblings on my blog. :/

    1. It is fun, but that's totally understandable! *winks*

  15. *smiles* Reading this was so much fun!!! =)