Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Family Forever Month // Lil' Sis

Today is not only Wednesday the 13th, but it's also the day where I get to welcome a guest poster- my little sister!!! Welcome Gabrie! *cue showers of glitter*

^^ Also take note of that beautifully designed blog graphic made by Gabrielle herself! *applauds* ^^

If you missed my first Family Forever Month post, go HERE. Also, if you would like to adopt the Family Forever Month posting idea, go for it! I would love to see more posts featuring family members! Here is the graphic if you are wanting to spread the word!


Gabrielle is the best little sister in the whole world and I am so happy to be letting her guest post today!!! The post that she decided to do was talking about some of her favorites! So, without further ado, lets begin! Welcome to Showers of Blessings, Lil' Sis! *hands computer keyboards over*

Take it away, Gabrie!

Hi guys! In this post, I'm going to talk about my favorites! 

Favorite Horse Paintings
Although I am not a very good painter, I like to look at horse paintings (especially paint horses.) These are a few pictures I found online that are my favorites. 

Favorite Musical Instrument
I love my Ukulele! I just got it about 6 months ago, and I really REALLY like to play it! Here's some pictures of my Tenor Ukulele!

Favorite Nail Polish Color
I am really into bright neon nail polish! Here is my favorite colors! 

Favorite Dog Breed
My dog's breed! Charlie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Isn't he the sweetest!?

Favorite Contemporary Christian Music 
I have a LOT that are my favorites, but I will pick three to share with you. 
-Other than the three I included below, I really like Let The Light In, Free To Be Me, Giants Fall, and He Knows My Name all by Francessca Battistelli. 
-More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz. 
-Be Still by Jeremy Camp 
-Thy Will Be Done by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family 

-I'm Yours by Lauren Daigle 

-Loyal by Lauren Daigle

-Oceans by Hillsong United

Favorite Quotes
I really like finding all sorts of quotes! These are a few that stand out the most to me! :) 

^^ and a funny one for good measure! 

Favorite Dessert! 
A CRAZY COOKIE! These are amazing! 

Favorite Horses on Winds of Faith
My favorite horses on Winds of Faith (our farm) is Ruger and Apple. Both of my horses!!! 

Favorite Summertime Snack
Watermelon is my favorite summer snack!!! 

Favorite Random Stuff 
Here are a few random things... 

 ^^ Look how cute!

^^ I made this bowtie for our dogs!

^^ And I also make this one! :)

^^ I love playing with slime! (I got this picture online...) 

Favorite Studio C Video 
Studio C is so funny! I have lots of favorites, but here is a couple that I really like! 

Favorite Selfies with May-may (Brooklyne)
SELFIES! *confetti* 

All right, those are some of my favorites! I'm craving watermelon now! Thanks for reading!

Wow! I loved reading your post, Gabrielle! Thanks so much for being apart of my Family Forever Month! You are amazing, and I love ya bunches! <3 

I especially like that picture of the crazy cookie!! *winks* 

What is your favorite dessert? Do you have a favorite Summertime Snack? Wasn't that hedgehog cute?! What are some of your favorites? How did you like this Family Forever Month Post? See ya in the comments! 

and Gabrielle! 


  1. Your horses are so pretty๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Horse paintings are really pretty:D
    Lobster bisque is one of my favorite studio c episodes too;)
    My sister really likes to listen to Lauren Daigle too!
    I like your favorite quotes! (Especially the 2nd one:)
    It was nice getting to know you Gabrielle!

    1. I agree with Patience, I love the horse pictures and paintings! I am going to do this on my blog with my sis!

    2. @ Patience
      Aww, thank you! Both Ruger and Apple are such good horses!
      Those paintings were cool! :)
      Haha! Lobster Bisque is one of my very favorite Studio C's too! They are hilarious to watch!!
      Yes, we listen to her music all the time!
      Quotes like that are so encouraging! <3
      Thanks for commenting, Patience!

    3. @ Lilly
      Thanks so much! Those paintings were really neat! And they kind of match Gabrielle's horses! Both Apple and Ruger are paints! :)
      Oh, you should! It is a lot of fun to feature a family member! Thanks for reading, Lilly!!!

  2. This was so fun to read! Your horses are gorgeous!!! Awesome ukulele! I play the ukulele too! :)

    1. I'm so glad! It was fun to help put together! Gabrielle does have such pretty horses! (although Rosie is the prettiest! *winks*) That is so cool! Gabrie loves playing her ukulele!!! <3

  3. Nice to "meet" you! I'd love to learn ukulele someday!

    1. You should definitely try the ukulele someday! Gabrielle has let me play (mess around) with hers, and it's a lot of fun! :) Thanks for reading, Laura!!

  4. Awe! That was super fun! You can give your sister a high five for me, cuz I LOVE Lauren Daigle, horses, watermelon, quotes, and selfies too!๐Ÿ˜†

    1. Oh that is awesome! You and Gabrielle have a lot in common! Thanks for commenting, Lexah!!

  5. Aw, the doggie Charlie looks so adorable! I love the selfies, too! XD

    1. Charlie is the sweetest dog ever! He is so laid back and calm. But he gets really excited when we get his food out! Selfies are fun! Thanks for reading, Mallory! <3

  6. Your sister, Gabrile has some good tastes in snacks. I LOVE watermelon and just the mention of it is making me hungry. Oh, the cookie also looked really good. Y'all's dog looks kinda like my younger sister's dog.

    1. Watermelon is perfect for summer! And that cookie was really good. Charlie is the best dog! ;)

    2. agreed, watermelon makes someones mouth water. It is that good. Do y'all grow your own watermelon at your farm?

    3. Yes, we have tried growing watermelon a few times.

    4. Did they end up growing well to the point y'all were able to eat them, or did they die? And if they did not die, did they taste good?

    5. And do you prefer eating watermelon cut into chunks or by the slice straight off the rind?

    6. Our watermelons didn't grow very good. They are pretty hard to grow. I don't really care which way I eat them, as long as it is a good watermelon. :)

  7. Oy, I love those bowties - so cute!! Great job on those!

    And nice to "meet" you, Gabrielle! Your horses are so pretty! I love paints. They're always so unique!

    So do you use Clinton Anderson, then? I enjoy some of his stuff, and a few of his tips have helped me with my horses. I tend to just grab a few things from all the different trainers, though!

    1. Aren't they!? She made quite a few for Petey, my auntie's dog. :)

      Paints are gorgeous! And Apple and Ruger are such good horses!

      We don't necessarily use one Natural Horsemanship training technique. I would say we have tried many methods and then decide what works best for individual horses. That bit-less bridle Gabrielle will sometimes ride Apple in is a Dr. Cook bit-less bridle... She normally just rides her horses in a rope halter, whereas I ride Rosie in a O-Ring bit. :D

      Thanks for reading Gabrielle's guest post, Julian!

  8. Ahhh, these posts are so much fun!! How old is your sister??

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you are liking these Family Forever Month posts, Victoria! Gabrielle is almost 14! <3 Thanks for reading!

  9. I love to watch Studio C too! All the selfies are so cute. It is hard to tell you two apart. ;) My favorite dessert is probably chocolate cake.
    Great post!

    1. Studio C is so much fun to watch! They always make me laugh! Awe, thanks! Oh, yum! Chocolate cake is delicious!!
      Thank you, Rakayle!

  10. I really enjoyed this!!

    The dog is so cute!! <3

    1. I'm glad! Thanks for reading! <3

      Charlie is really cute!!

  11. I loved getting to meet Gabrielle! You two definitely look like sisters! <3
    I really like all of those quotes. :D

    1. Thanks for reading Gabrielle's guest post! We do? Cool! A lot of people seem to think that we don't look much alike. I think it's because she is tans and has dark brown hair, whereas I am more easily sunburned and have blonde hair... =)
      I liked her favorite quotes too! xx

  12. You two are so cute! <3 I'm enjoying this series ever so much. :D

    1. Hehe, awe thanks! And I'm so glad you are liking this series!! <3