Friday, November 16, 2018

Shared WIP Tag: Week Three!

Welcome to week three of the Shared WIP Tag! Be sure to check out the other posts of those who are participating! See list and links HERE, in my first Shared WIP Tag post! (Yes, I'm too lazy to list them all here...*headdesk*)

Today, we are talking about the villain aka the antagonist. I have to tell you though, these has been the hardest questions to answer (and I even helped come up with some of these questions!)

Ready or not, here we go!


1. Introduce the main antagonist of your book!
Now how am I supposed to answer this without giving everything away? That's part of the suspense! (In other words, I need more time to think of his/her name!)

2. What do you (the writer) have in common with the antagonist? What do you not have in common? 
In common: We both like things neat and tidy, no loose ends.

How we differ: My book's antagonist is cruel and heartless, seeking power no matter the cost.

3. What does your antagonist do when he/she is mad? Do they have a soft spot?
He/she gets extremely angry, but doesn't act on his anger until he has a calculated plan of action. 

Yes, my antagonist does have a soft spot.

4. Who is your antagonist's worst enemy? What is their greatest fear? 
His/her worst enemy is vulnerability. Greatest fear is of being caught off guard and/or losing his/her power.

5. What is your antagonist's weapon of choice? 
A Deringer Model 1842 Navy percussion pistol. Another weapon the antagonist uses is fear.

{Picture from Pinterest}

6. How would your antagonist surprise your reader? 
Can't say because of spoiler! I know, now your curious, aren't you?!

7. What is one thing your villain would never do? 
He/she would never trust his/her partners in crime. Every man to himself.

8. What lie does your antagonist believe about the MC?
My book's antagonist believes the MC will soon balk and crumble under enough pressure.

9. What is your favorite thing about your antagonist?
I have no clue, my antagonist is the bad guy, how can I like him/her?? Besides that he/she makes the story more suspenseful...

10. If your antagonist was your MC, what would your book look like?
A lot of struggle and emotional turmoil.  


That concludes week third's post about the antagonist! Hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you have become curious about Dakota's Dream! 

Also, I have some really great news to share with y'all! I had the privilege to beta read a short story written by non other than Julia @ Lit Aflame! Tomorrow, she is revealing her short stories' cover! So, be on the lookout for a cover reveal tomorrow!!! Who does't LOVE cover reveals!!!???

Well that's about it! I hope you enjoyed reading my very vague answers to these villain questions! As you can see, I want my story to be exciting, but I'm not quite sure if I have a good "bad guy" motive... yet! 

Do you find it hard to come up with your book's antagonist? Do you like books when the bad guys repent in the end? Or do you like books that the villain never finds redemption? (I am still trying to decide, myself!) Did you like this post? 
Lettuce chat! :) 


  1. Ooo, mysterious villain, I see! *rubs hands together* Interesting.......

    (And yes, I love it when the villain redeems himself........redemption arcs are awesome, what can I say? XD)

    And a COVER REVEAL FROM JULIA??? Can’t wait!

    1. Ahh, yes, I like to keep everyone curious! *cues mysterious music*

      (Ok, good to know! I'm seem to lean towards that too! Although, I want to make it believable and realistic... we'll see how that turns out!)

      YESSSSS! Very exciting! I love cover reveals!!! =D Thanks for commenting, Nicole!

  2. Thanks Brooklyne, for mentioning my reveal!!! =)

  3. as of now, my antagonist is a assassin that has and probably will not have a revealed name till the end of the writings. I have made that choice so I can be able to sort things out better and not get confused.

  4. Replies
    1. We'll see how he/she turns out! Thanks for commenting, Skye! ;D

  5. It's sooooo hard not to give away spoilers. I actually have a post in the works about spoilers and giving away info and all that fun stuff.

    Cool villain though, can't wait to read the book!

    1. It is super hard! ;) Looking forward to that post!

      Aww, thanks! It might sound silly, but I actually can't wait to read my book either! Thank you for commenting!!!

  6. This was such a hard round of questions to answer without giving away spoilers, wasn't it? xD I'm intrigued by your villain, maybe one day I'll find out the answers to these questions. ;)

  7. bwahaha you don't know your villain's name? me neither, Brooklyne! xD (well, I know one, but the one who actually influences Billie's behaviour? nope)

    I like villains who ultimately team up with the good guys [and then get killed by an ugly purple space grape- wait- no what-]. *coughs* Uh, redemption arc for me?
    - Jem Jones

  8. Hehe, at least I'm not the only one! ;)

    Interesting! lol! Good to know... XD