Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November Wrap-Up Post

November has been a good month, and there are still two days left! Since I was crazy enough to participate in Nanowrimo, November has kind of gotten busy! Let me tell you a little bit about my month! 

➳➳➳Signing into NanoGetting ready to start my novelHaving a birthdayApparently, I'm now considered a adult! ➳Yeah, it's kind of crazy ➳Driving➳Taking pictures of the fall leaves➳Going to a park➳Eating out➳Sitting on the floor of a bookstore➳Reading the backs of all the books➳Buying ONLY two books aka hard decisions➳Late nights➳Late nights writing➳Stressing over word count➳Setting my own writing goal➳Bleaching and drying Loofah Sponges➳Going to the nursing home➳Peppermint Ice Cream!!!➳Replying to emails➳Making book covers➳Reading➳Drowning in my TBR pile!➳Writing➳Writing➳More writing➳Riding Rosie➳Snowwww!!!➳Hot Chocolate➳FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!! (yes, even when it's freezing out!)➳Movies➳Getting a cold➳Reading➳Finishing the three-book If I Run series➳Blogging➳Archery practice➳Big soap order!➳Writing➳Making hand lettered Christmas cards...➳Waking up at 5am to go work out at the YMCA➳Yummy homemade sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting!➳Living➳Laughing➳Loving➳And learning➳➳➳

➳➳➳At Bendy Booth app on phone➳Until my face hurt➳At our "pumpkin snowman"➳While playing Uno➳At Blimycow➳At Studio C➳At Thanksgiving games➳Because I sing the words wrong➳To laugh (seriously, even if it's not even funny, laugh! It's good for you.)➳➳➳

➳➳➳Fall fresh air➳Leaves!➳Warm blankets➳Animals➳Rosie (My horse)➳Family➳Thanksgiving food!➳Peppermint spray whip cream!➳A warm house➳Bella (my dog)➳A good book➳➳➳

➳➳➳To write a book➳To see the good➳To smile➳To surrender my worries➳To give God the glory➳How to be a good friend➳Instruments➳To step out of my comfort zone➳That life changes (are you singing the song now??) *winks* and *thumbs up* to anyone who knows what song I'm talking about!➳That it's ok to take my writing journey slow➳That the word count is not what matters the most➳Learning that the same sun that burns a shallow-rooted plant will nourish a deep-rooted plant. Hard times either cause us to fall away from God, or make us take deeper roots.➳➳➳


Conflict chart inspired by Sarah!

Pretty fall leaves 

Um, so, if you don't think that this Bendy Booth is funny, then I don't know what is! XD

High up view...

Love that color of leaf

Making a bouquet of autumn leaves :)

Those yellow roses were so fragrant!

Me sitting on the floor of a giant book store! 
I ended up buying Heart on the line, and Child of Mine!

First time ordering from Canva!

Frost-laced leaves

Day 5 of NanoWriMo

Bella using the stairs we made for her out of toilet paper :D

Dandelion photo-shoot 

Making smoothie! Favorite kind is PB&J! Frozen strawberries, raspberries, banana, maple syrup (from the farm), vanilla, milk, and peanut butter! 

Using my new study/art bible!


These are my favorite! 

Tucker in his new sweater <3

Hay bales look like frosted shredded wheat!

Bow and Arrow practice! I'm proud to say that I hit the can twice! 

I package all of my goat's milk soap with wax seals!

Hot chocolate for breakfast multiple times this month!

The fruit turkey I made for thanksgiving! 

Late night frosty :P

Last book in the series, what a roller coaster ride! 

A few of the cards I made...

Baby Angel's first snow!


Since that photo dump was extra long, I will save my room tour/room tour video for another time! :) Hope y'all enjoyed reading about my November! Also be on the look out for my fifth and final Shared WIP post coming on Friday! *winks*

2 Corinthians 12:9
"But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness."

How was your November? What is one thing that you are thankful for? Do y'all still like reading my wrap-ups? Are you ready for winter?


  1. I'm glad you had a good month, and your pictures were great! Peppermint ice cream is my favorittteeee, I still have yet to get some this year though. :P

    1. It was a good month! How was your November?
      Peppermint ice cream is AMAZING!! It's my favorite flavor! It's too bad that it is seasonal.
      Peanut butter chocolate comes in a close second... well, cherry cordial is really good too. I just about like ALL ice cream! (But maybe not Chyanne pepper ice cream, I think that is a little crazy!)
      Thanks for reading this wrap-up, Gray!

  2. Love how you always summarize your months so well and in a very aesthetic way!

  3. My mouth has been busy as well. The hot chocolate looks so good!

    1. Staying busy can be good at times. That hot chocolate was really good! I like a lot of whip cream with my hot chocolate! :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Oooooh I loved this!!
    Those leaves are SO pretty! *dies* They have so much color.
    Rosie is the cutest thing ever!!!! I love her name.
    *jaw drops* That hot chocolate looks, so. amazing. *mouth waters* Now I want some!!! ;P *laughs*

    1. Thank you, Liberty! I'm thrilled you liked reading this wrap up post! <3
      Aren't they??!! That park we went to had so many colorful autumn leaves!
      Aww, I think she is too! Me too! It fits her well! :)
      It was pretty delicious! And my mom surprised me by bringing it home for breakfast twice! One of those times, I added more chocolate syrup, peppermint whip cream, and sprinkles! :D Yummy! *winks*

  5. I enjoy reading your wrap up posts, Brooklyne!
    It sounds like you had a really fun month.
    Yay for snow! I’m still waiting for it to snow here. ;)
    Oh my goodness! That fruit turkey is so cute! :D
    I love the Christmas cards you made. They’re so fun.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you like reading my end of the month posts!!
      My November was fun! But also really busy! :)
      Isn't it?! It was lots of fun to make for Thanksgiving!
      Thanks! I enjoy hand lettering a lot! <3 Thanks for reading!!

  6. I loooove lint chocolate balls!!!!!!😍 the Christmas cards were so adorable!! My favorite was the one with the leafy vines. Rosie is super cute!! I I’ve been riding my horse(s) a lot too. Bendy booth is the funniest thing isn’t it! I don’t even do it any sore because I’m afraid i’ll Die of laughter.

    1. Yessss! They are my favorite! Thank you! The cards were lots of fun to make! I like the leafy one too! Rosie is getting her winter coat... she's all fluffy now. That's awesome that you have gotten to ride your horses a lot lately! Yes, Bendy Booth is hilarious! I laughed so hard my face hurt when we sang into it and it changed our voices!!! XD

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ( catching up on blogs) November for me has been survival. I'm down to the final strip of work at tonight my final bit of the semester project will be submitted. All I have left will then be finish my final landscape design design then be done. Before I start that final project finish up though, I am in clean room mode. So, november has offcially been the month of stress.

    How old are you now? You mentioned something about age change. And your november sounds wild. I like your wrap ups by the way.

    1. Sounds like you had a crazy month. Thanks for reading my post!

  9. OOO GIRL!! That smoothie looks so good! I love these kinds of wrap ups that are bullet points! <3
    Simply Me

    1. That smoothie was really good!!! Thanks! These wrap ups are fun to put together! :D

  10. I love Canva and Lindor!! Sounds like you had a BUSY month! What did you do at the YMCA at 5:00?! That takes some dedication to wake up early! :D

    1. Me too! <3 I did have a pretty busy month! Hopefully you had a good November too! Actually, my mom is the dedicated one! *winks* I will go with her whenever I can drag myself out of bed! We usually go with my dad before he goes to work... we walk on the treadmill or "bike" three miles, then do either free weights or the machines trading off arms or legs... It's good! Until you are feeling wiped out around 3 o'clock! :0

  11. Wow, you guys make your own maple syrup?! That's so awesome. I would like to live somewhere where maple syrup is not so rare and expensive. XD The Christmas cards you made are really nice - you have some good drawing skills. :) Thanks for sharing your November! I hope you have a wonderful December. xx

    1. Yes! We do! :D Last year, we didn't collect maple sap to evaporate, but I hope that this year we can. It is quite the process and a lot of hard work, but the maple syrup we get is so much better than anything store bought! Thank you! I enjoy hand-lettering! I'm glad you liked reading about my month, and I hope you have an awesome December as well! <3

  12. I meant to comment on Wednesday but totally forgot but knew I had to bc I loved this post so much!
    It seemed like you had a busy month, especially with NaNo!
    Those leaves are so pretty! We get fall fro about a while and then....snowwww alllll the way. ;DD
    AHHHHH! I'm actually reading Heart On The Line right now, it's such a fabulous book! Child of Mine is also an AMAZINGGGGGG book and I have srsly reread it 4 times, maybe even 5. ;DD
    You can order from Canva?? *gasp!* No wayyyy!!
    AW, Bella is so cute! AND YAYYY, im not the only one who buys their pets adorable sweaters?!?! We have like 6 for our uh cats....xDDD
    AHHHHH that turkey is ADORABLEEEEE. xP :DD
    Ooh room tour?? I'm excited about that!!
    I loved this post and sorry about my rambly long comment. XDD

    1. I'm glad you commented, Victoria! I alway's love reading your comments! <3
      November was definitely busy for me! And Nano added to an already busy month! But it was good... I can't believe I got so much written! :D
      The fall leaves at that park were radiant! They seriously popped with so much color! Now, the leaves have all fallen and snow is on it's way!
      Is it??? I can't wait to read Heart On the Line! I love that cover so much for some reason! :) And I am on chapter 7 of Child of Mine, I'm enjoying it so far!
      YES!!! I didn't know you could, but you can! I designed and ordered some nativity skit/musical church service postcards to hand out for my church! They turned out so good! I was really happy with it! (I made a nativity scene on the cards out of different shapes so I didn't have to pay extra for any of the pictures... Had to get creative!)
      Bella is the sweetest! She is not feeling good so if you could please pray for her. She is 16 years old and has fluid in her lungs...
      YAY! We love to dress up our little babies! *winks*
      The fruit turkey turned out so fun! =)
      Yes, I made a room tour video and then I took some pictures and am going to post them sometime... probably in December's wrap up post!
      I'm SO glad you liked reading this wrap up post!!!
      And I love ramble long comments.XD