Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January Wrap-Up Post!

 It's time to wrap up the first month of twenty nineteen! Who is ready for this cold weather to be over with? *raises hand*

P.S. I hope this wrap-up post makes you smile! ;)

➳➳➳Late night movies so that we could stay awake until midnight to welcome the new year!➳Participating in another epic readathon (ok, technically it was last year...)!!!➳Writing book reviews➳Making soap➳Emailing➳Plotting books➳SLEDDING!!!➳Night Time Tubing➳Nature walks in the snow➳Horse farrier➳Moving horses in the barn... a lot, because of weather conditions➳Making goals➳Mapping out my writing goals➳Eating ice cream with brownies!➳More movies in the series➳Working out again➳Planning my giveaway(s) for February!➳Writing➳Participating in a book tour!➳Making snowmen➳Water coloring➳Bought a long anticipated book series!!!➳Wings of Glory by Sarah Sundin if anyone wanted to know...➳Watching movies and painting nails with a friend *winks if your are reading this*➳Making more soap (coffee and Matcha tea tree!)➳First time doing a Breakout room!➳We were so close to getting out!➳Hot tub➳Chocolate chip cookies➳Reading slump (before I got my new series!)➳Practicing for my drivers test➳Living➳Laughing➳Loving➳and Learning➳➳➳

➳At Pinterest's totally relatable quotes!➳ 

^^^ Makes perfect sense to me! 

^^^ I'm I the only one? Please, someone, be weird with me! *inserts crying/laughing emoji*

^^^ My room is in the basement, trust me, I have it down to a science! 

^^^ This is another one that makes me sound like a weirdo... :P

^^^ Yup, totally me!

^^^ I'm not a big cereal person, but when I do eat it, this is reality! 

^^^ ...Or drop your phone on your face, same thing.

^^^ And it doesn't help that it's a song! ;)

➳➳➳Hot Chocolate!!!➳My family➳The soft sound of snow falling in perfect silence➳My animals➳Memories to look back on➳Memories to look forward too➳Sparkling snowflakes➳My space heater➳Loving it when you are sitting down at the dinner table and instantly get a scene for a WIP that you have to write down before you forget #onlywriterswouldunderstand (also, can I use the "#" sign if I am not on instagram?? Because I just did and now I'm thinking that that is only for instagramers. *shrugs* idk how this stuff works!) ➳Anyway, last but not least: best friends, because having friends you trust is priceless y'all➳➳➳

➳➳➳That things take time➳That God is still in control, and always will be➳To be content➳That life is scary➳Fear cannot and will not control me➳To do unto others....➳That music moves us➳That falling off a sled can be painful on the ice!➳Never to give up➳➳➳
Overall, January was a great month! There was some really hard times, but also some really fun times. I can't wait to see what God has in store for me in February! 

➳January's Mini Photo Dump➳

^^^ Maple syrup, anyone? (ok, at this stage its more like maple water, but for all you "health nuts" out there you might be more interested in maple sap/water anyway! Maple water is so good for ya! And, it tastes pretty good too!) 

^^^ Took two days, but I love how it turned out! 

^^^ Need I have a caption for this one??? YUMMMMMM 

^^^ Soap!!! Scented Wild Rose! 

^^^ It's very aesthetic, but what is that?! A dandelion??

^^^ A crumpled piece of paper makes a very scary looking beast! Who knew! 

^^^ Snow!!! And look at the colors in the sky! 

^^^ This is a doctored picture of me holding up frozen ice from the horse water bucket! Cool, huh?

^^^ This is what happens when I am in a makeup store for a VERY long time! I draw on myself with eye liner!!! 

^^^ On a walk and had to snap this quick picture, isn't it pretty?

^^^ Aww!!! 

^^^ I love drawing in the snow! :)

^^^ Snowy horses! 

^^^ Um, if I had a bookstagram, this would be on it! I used my new scarf my mom crocheted me as the backdrop! <3

^^^ And I will leave you with this picture! Isn't Lilly a goofball!

Well, that's it for this wrap-up post! I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my January! 
Also, note that this will be the last wrap-up post until after March due to some fun posts I have planned! *grins* 

John 1:12
"But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name." 

Did you have a good January? What are some of your months highlights? What are you looking forward to in the next coming month? Who is so so excited about the giveaway's I'm hosting in February?? *raises hand for the second time in this post* Comment below! ;)


  1. I always enjoy your wrap-up posts! :)

    1. Aww, that's so nice of you to say! And I don't know where my head was this morning because I forgot to include the pictures! I just added the mini photo dump so... I don't know if that was included when you read it, but it's there now! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Why, thank you! I personally love the way the rose soaps turned out! <3
      Thanks for commenting, Alice!

  3. Wow! Sounds like a lovely, busy month! I can't even remember the first few weeks...staying up until midnight feels like it was a few months ago, lol!

    And yeah, I think you can use the # sign whenever you want. Sarah and I were using "fake hashtags" in our emails long before we were on social media using them. :)

    1. Yes, my month truly whipped by in a whirlwind. Your so right, It does feel like months ago since we stayed up and cheered the new year with sparkling juice! :)

      Ok, gotcha! Not really sure when to use them. Although at first I didn't know how to do the whole asterisk thing either, but I can see how so much more fun it is to read with them included! *winks* I will have to give the fake hashtags some more tries just for fun! XD

  4. I love the wrap-up posts! (And photos!)

    I can relate with all the Pinterest postsπŸ˜‚
    And the wild rose soap bars look SUPER pretty:D

    1. Aw, thanks, Patience! (I had fun with the pictures this month!)

      Yes, me too! I was surprised on some of them, because I thought I was the only one! :P
      Thank you! They smell pretty too! <3

  5. Your wrap-up posts are so fun! :) Loved all the photos- especially your truck pic and horse pic! *wink* #countrygirl :)
    I can totally relate to quite a few of those Pinterest posts- especially the light switch one. I've done that before... ;)
    Thanks for posting this!!! :)

    1. I'm so glad these wrap-up posts are as much fun to read as they are to write! Thanks! Rosie was so glad to get out of the icy weather and into her cozy stall! I took that picture before we moved them in! *high-fives* #lifeonthefarm #fordsforever #countrygirlsrock (uh, ya... still working on these hashtags! lol)
      I have literally done the light switch one! Relatable quotes like that are awesome!
      Your so welcome, Molly! Thanks for reading!!! <3

  6. For me this has been the worst month in a while. Worst depression i've had in months and blaming myself for my own failures.But at the same time, it has been nice to be re united with my classmates as the semester started up.

    1. Sorry you had a hard month, but I'm glad you are able to see some good in it too. I hope you have a better February!

  7. Yea, yes all the i can do relate to those Pinterest posts! My bed room is upstairs and we have two sets of stairs in my house so I can tell who is comming. Yes I am ready for warmth no question that it.
    Lovey pics!

    1. Yes! It's so crazy how I know each member of my family just by hearing them walking down the stairs! I am so ready for it to be warmer too! I'm kind of getting tired of ice and salt everywhere! :)
      Thank you!

  8. Enjoyed as always!!

    Yes! I have tried to balance the light switch in the middle! *high five* We can be weird together! *laughs*

    Oh my goodness, the blended hot chocolate drink looks so good!! And that drawing, it's amazing!! *high five*

    1. Awesome! I'm so glad!

      *enthusiastically high fives back* Yay! I'm not the only one!

      It was! I really don't care that it is -2 degrees out, I'm still loving my FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK! (But I just realized that I haven't told you the actual real name they call it at the place we get it at... this is how we order it: a Double Chocolate Blast, no coffee, made with almond milk.) xD

      Thanks! That drawing was another Pinterest inspiration! :)

  9. You are not the only one weird here, Brooklyne!! *winks* All those Teenager Posts were SO ME!!!! I laughed so hard; this is what I needed! Thank you for this crazy. Amazing. Post!!!


    1. Oh, *raises hand*, I'm ready for the cold winter to be over!

    2. Hehe! We all can be weird together! *inserts thumbs up emoji* They were SO ME too! I had to laugh while I was reading them, just as soon as I did, the next one I read on Pinterest was describing exactly how I laughed. It said, "When I laugh at jokes on the internet, I don't even laugh. I just blow more air out of my nose than usual." Like, how do they even know!

      Your comment made my day! I'm so happy that this post made you smile!

      THANKS! I love trying drawings like that! <3

      Same! When is it going to be summer again! I made my snowman and went sledding, now can we just please put the winter snow pants away?!

      Hope you are having a great day, Izzy!

    3. That's EXACTLY how I laugh on the Internet as well! *kind of freaked out* 😜 how.....?!πŸ˜‚

  10. Great wrap up post! I love all of your pictures, and your drawing was so good.

  11. Loved this girl!! An lol I totally relate with horses and chores.. They get 100x harder in the winter!!! *Raises both hands" great post!

    1. Thanks for reading about my month, Paige! Yes!! The animal chores are WAY harder to do out in the cold! *winks*

  12. Loved this! And ugh, I'm dying... I want goats so badly 😭

    So much I wanted to comment on so this is gonna be rather scatter-brained lol...
    You'd be a great bookstagrammer!
    Ooh that writing in the snow is prettyyyy.
    I like the paper picture a lot.
    The soap looks like it probably smells REALLY good.
    Oooh writing with eyeliner...I'll have to try that.
    Yes to pretty much all of the teen posts.
    Yes, you can use hashtags without instagram. I totally did before I got instagram xD
    Ice cream with brownies- yum!
    OOOOh a hot tub sounds nice rn.
    I totally understand the scene inspiration thing!

    I hope your February is fabulous <3

    1. Thank you! Aww, you should totally get goats! They are so much fun! :)

      Hey, I'm good with that! XD
      I do like taking book pictures a lot! Maybe I should look into getting a Instagram! Maybe...
      It was fun! Although my finger get cold real fast!
      It smells AMAZING!
      It actually stayed on for a while and I used glitter eye liner!
      Yes. Yes. YES! They all we so relatable! ;)
      Good to know! I will have to start using them now!
      It was super yummy!
      I know! Hot tubs are really nice this time of year!
      Yup, we were actually out to eat, and so I put my idea down in Notes on my phone! :)

      You too! <3

  13. :D I relate to so many of those teenager posts! :P
    Great pictures, beautiful soap!

    1. So do I! They are fun to look through on Pinterest! XD
      Thank you!!!

  14. Nice pictures!
    And Brooklyne, you should totally start a Bookstagram ;D

    Okay OKAY, I admit it! *sobs* I've tried to balance the light switch in the middle way more than just one time! XD XD LOL.

    My "I fail at life" moment comes when I walk into the wall instead of going through the door way, or when I bend over to get something and end up whamming my head against the wall... or that one time when I was getting out of bed and after looking straight at the ladder in front of me, preceded to ram my head right into it. 0-0 Its just sad. Plain sad.

    And now that I've embarrassed myself... BRING ON THE GIVEAWAYS.

    1. Thanks, Julia!
      Hmm, maybe I should look into it! ;)

      *sobs along with you* Me too! (But it never works! :D

      Oh my, yes! Or when you slam your own finger in the door! Or turn a corner too sharp and end up 'bout taking your shoulder off with the wall! I feel your pain!

      GIVEAWAYS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! *tosses giveaway confetti*

    2. Yay!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  15. I always love your wrap-up posts, Brooklyne!
    Hehe, those Pinterest quotes are so funny. ;)

    1. Thank you! I like writing these wrap-ups! :)

      Yes, they are the best! They definitely made me smile! *winks*