Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Tag // Poem

Merry Christmas!!! Today, I have two different things to share with you. One is a tag, and the other is a poem! The tag is a Christmas tag that I thought should be done before it "expires." Maybe that only makes sense to me and my half-awake brain. (I just happen to be writing this after I have been awake for 13-14 hours... oh well.)

12 of my Christmas favorites tag! 


The Rules

Thank and link back to the blogger who tagged you - Thank you, Anita!

Answer the twelve questions.
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The Twelve Questions:

1. What is your favorite Christmas Song? 

I'm not a big Christmas music person, but I do like some Christmasy hymns such as Joy to the World, Oh Come, All Ye Faithful, Away in the Manger, The First Noel (I'm playing this one for a church musical...)

2. Favorite Christmas tradition?

Eating nachos and playing games with my family! 

3. Favorite Christmas Movie? 

Um, ok, I am going to have to break out some Hallmarks here! A Very Merry Mix-Up was probably one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. 

4. What is your favorite holiday sweet? 

HOW CAN I DECIDE?! I love my mom's Cinnamon red hot bread, Papa's chocolate peanut clusters, homemade chocolate covered cherries, sugar cookies, peppermint ice cream!  

5. Favorite holiday drink? 

Hot chocolate of course! Peppermint hot chocolate is really good too! Or I might just opt for a FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK! 

6. Candy Canes or Chocolate? 

Both of them together!!! 

7. Sugar Cookies or Brownies? 

Why are these questions so hard? I guess I will go with sugar cookies because my sister makes really good ones! But... I like brownies too, especially with ice cream! 

8. Do you like to buy or make Christmas gifts? 

I think handmade gifts are a lot more special, but obviously you can't make certain gifts. 

9. Does your family decorate for Christmas? 

No, we don't do much decorating for Christmas. Other than the paper snowflakes taped to the door, and the amazing scent of freshly baked goodies. We use too, but then we decided to do things differently than we did a few years ago. 

Christmas used to be a lot more about giving presents to each of our family members and filling stocking stuffers. We lived in our bigger house, and had a big room that we put a giant Christmas tree with a train wrapped around it on the floor. We decorated like crazy! I think decorating is fun, but it is just a extra thing that can be crowding time along with the rest of the Christmas time business. So, no, we don't go all out with decorations in the past few years.

10. What do you do on Christmas Eve? 
Every Christmas Eve, we go to my Aunt's house and have a Christmas dinner.

11. What do you do on Christmas Day? 

We try to do a little more outreach around Christmas time, since people seem to be more open to hearing about “The Reason for the Season.” 

The last few Christmas’ we have gone to the nursing home. We sing, play interments, do nativities, and give the residents gifts. This year we are giving them each little prayer bears. After the nursing home, we come home and have nachos! They are so good! Also around Christmas time, we bake red hot cinnamon bread (If you have never tried my mom's red hot cinnamon bread then you are so missing out!) and give it to our neighbors on our road.

12. What is your favorite Christmas Bible verse? 
Luke 2:10-11
"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."

I tag Liberty
I tag Ashley  
I tag Rebekah (Who just happened to read my mind and already did this tag...Oops. You don't have to do this again unless you want to answer more Christmasy questions! *winks*)
and I tag YOU! 

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago and I thought I would include it in today's post... 

And Yet
Written by Brooklyne 

I hurt, and yet 
You comfort 
I bleed, and yet 
You heal
I run, and yet 
You find me
I hide, and yet 
You see me
I doubt, and yet 
You reassure me
I flea, and yet 
You are constant 
I fall, and yet 
You lift me up
I stumble, and yet 
You steady me
I wander, and yet 
You guide me
I falter, and yet 
You are my Rock
I cower, and yet 
You are my courage 
I fail, and yet 
You succeed 
I am weak, and yet 
You are strong! 

2 Corinthians 12:9
"And He said to me.
 'My grace is sufficient for you, 
for My strength is 
made perfect in weakness.' "


How do you celebrate Christ's birth? What is one of your family traditions? Do you like Christmas music? What line is my poem stood out to you the most? 
Comment below! 


  1. Nice post! I love Christmas music!!

    1. Thank you, Mallory! My mom loves Christmas music too! What are your favorite Christmas songs?

  2. Great post! Loved your poem, it was really good! <3

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Molly! I hope you are encouraged by reading my poem! :)

  3. Fun tag, Brooklyne! Thanks for tagging me! ;) Most of the questions are different then the tag I just did, so I think I will do this one! I love talking about Christmas!! ;)
    Wait, you’re not a big fan of Christmas music?
    You’ve seen A Very Merry Mix-Up? That one is so fun!
    Sugar cookies are my favorite!!
    Thanks again for tagging me. I’ll probably do it next week!

    1. Thank you, and your welcome! *winks* Hey, that's awesome! I will look forward to reading your answers!
      Well... I mean, its pretty good. Now, my mom is a BIG fan of listening to it! Especially while baking! :)
      Yes! I have watched it twice now, It is really good!
      Me too! Sugar cookies are soooo yummy!
      Your so welcome! <3

  4. I like how you and your family focus on outreach and giving over Christmas! That's really inspiring. And yes, it's so hard to choose favourite sweets - I feel you on that one! Your Mum's bread sounds delicious too.

    And the poem was super meaningful. Thank you. It's such a precious knowledge that our weaknesses don't limit Him. He's still there even when we've made a complete flop in every way possible.

    Anyway, it's so nice to catch up on your posts (again! I'm being so slack lately, whoops). And I will email you soon - I miss our conversations, and I'm sorry it's taken me so long. Hope you're going well! xx

    1. It was a big change to how we use to celebrate Christmas, that's for sure! But I am really glad we do things different now, because it takes so much pressure off of us compared to how busy we used to get this time of year. And the nursing home residents LOVE attending our Christmas program! Yes! I definitely have a sweet tooth around Christmas! The red hot cinnamon bread is amazing! :)

      Thank you! (one of my late night inspirations...) Yes, it really is! And that is so true! No amount of our weaknesses can limit His strength! We are so blessed to serve a God who forgives and never abandons us! <3

      Thanks for commenting, Jessica!! I love reading your comments, they never fail to brighten my day! Looking forward to your email!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gray! I hope you are inspired by those words! <3

  6. Fun tag! I enjoyed reading your answers. Wow, amazing poem. Thanks for sharing, Brooklyne! :)

    1. It was fun! Merry Christmas! Aw, thanks! I'm thrilled you enjoyed my poem! Have a blest day! <3

  7. Neat tag!!!
    That poem is so beautiful!! Great job Brooklyn! =D
    - Julia @LitAflame.Blog

    1. Yes, it was a lot of fun answering the questions! :)
      Thanks! That means a lot to me that you enjoyed reading my poem! Have a wonderful day, Julia! <3