Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lend a Helping Hand

Hi everyone! On this wonderful Wednesday, I have two true stories to share with you.

Story #1

Once upon a time, my older sister and I were walking in the mall (going to the mall is a rare occasion.) My mom had forgotten something in the car, so we went back to get it. On our way, we heard this loud thud. We look around and see this older lady, maybe in her sixties, who was sprawled on the ground. She was heavy set, and couldn’t get up. My sister and I rushed over and the first thing that came to our minds was that she needed to stay still. She should not move, because she could have broken something. We told her not to move, but she was not having it. She was struggling to get up, saying that she needed to go to the restroom. 

By this time, maybe four or five people had gathered and was watching this take place. One lady said that she had called someone to help. My sister and I was trying to get her up, but she was too heavy and ended up pulling my sister down beside her, pinning her between the wall and this lady. The same girl who had called someone earlier, brought us a chair. The older lady kept saying that she needed to go to the bathroom, quick. She also was saying how we need to “find some men” to help her up. My sister looked around and saw one of the guys who were watching and asked him if he could help us. He held up his hands and shrugged his shoulders like there was nothing he could do. Seriously?! 

My sister looked at me and said, “Me and you are going to get her up and in this chair…” 

It was a struggle, but me, my sister, and the lady who brought the chair was able to get her up in the chair. We helped the older lady put her shoe, which had fallen off, back on and picked up her purse. She immediately stood up. My sister on one side and me on the other, we started walking her to the bathroom. We got to the bathroom and stood outside the stall. We told her that we would wait for her and asked if she needed anything.

Two guys from security came with a first aid kit, but they wouldn’t come in the ladies restroom. They stood outside and wouldn't let anyone in. The lady who helped us get her up gave them a water bottle to give to us. We heard someone outside, waiting for the bathroom, ask if someone was in trouble. They told her, “No, someone's having a medical emergency.” The lady then said, “Well, I’m a medical professional.” And she walked right in.

Thank goodness someone knew what they were doing! My sister told her that the older lady had fallen. She went right to the sink and washed her hands, all the while asking the lady the right questions. One of which was, are you diabetic? Come to find out, she was.

We knew that there was nothing else we could do to help, and it sounded like the lady had it under control, so we handed her the water bottle and left. A few minutes later, we saw maybe seven or eight medical staff heading to the bathroom. 

It was not by chance that the lady who knew what she was doing, came to the bathroom at the right time and place. 


Story #2 

I was not actually there for this, but my older sister was, and she told me all about it. She was driving her truck (which is the awesome Ford in the picture, btw!) to Lowes with Papa, my grandpa. They were picking up a pallet full of cinder blocks to make a raised-bed garden. The fork lift loaded it up but they couldn't shut the tail gate. The man who loaded it said it should be fine because the cinder blocks are so heavy. 

Well, turns out, it wasn't fine… 

My sister stopped at a small intersection, and when she went to go, THE WHOLE PALLET OF CINDER BLOCKS SLID OUT THE BACK! Like actually falling out of the bed of the truck! Braking the tail gate and scratching it on its way out and everything.

They got out, and as fast as they could, started putting the blocks back in the truck. One by one. Those cinder blocks are heavy too! 

The two men in a jeep, who had been following them, just drove on by. It was 5 o’clock, so everyone was coming home from work. About sixty cars drove by, and only one lady stopped to ask if anyone was hurt before she kept on driving. Seriously?!

One older man came out of his house that was by the intersection and helped them load them back up. And when they had almost finished, another even older man stopped and helped them. He said, “I can’t help that much, but I can get the smaller pieces that have broken.” 

When they finally had them loaded back up, they drove home.


Both of these stories had a “Seriously?!” moment. I was just blown away at the fact that most of the people in these two stories didn’t lend a helping hand. They would walk around us, stand and watch, or drive on by. 

Is life too busy to lend a helping hand? Are we a society that doesn't care? Are we so wrapped up in ourselves, that we don’t stop and help out when others are in a bind? Where is the younger generation that helps those in need? 

I’m reminded of the parable of the good samaritan in Luke 10:30-37. We all know this story well. This man was robbed and wounded, he was left to die. Both a priest and a Levite passed by on the other side of the road. But the samaritan, he had compassion, and bandaged his wounds. He brought him to a inn, and payed for someone to care for him. 

The samaritan man lended a helping hand to a complete stranger. He showed mercy on him. He took care of his neighbor as himself. 

Even the smallest attempt to lend a helping hand is noticed. Your efforts are seen. By people like me, who might even write a blog post about you. :) 

Wouldn't you want to be in the category as the lady who gave us a water bottle for the older lady? Or the two elderly men who helped load the truck even when everyone else drove by? 

We are called to be different. Don't blend in with the main flow. Y'all, make a stand for what you know is right! 

I want to challenge you and me, today, to lend a helping hand. Not because you need the community service credits, not because you have to; but because you are able and because you care. 

Luke 10:36,37
“So which of these three do you think was a neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

Matthew 22:37-39
“Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the LORD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

Have you ever had any similar experiences? What are some ways to lend a helping hand? How can we be more like the samaritan man? How is your week going? 
Lets talk in the comments!


  1. This was really interesting!!! This reminds me of the people from our old church! They were really helpful, and came to help us pack up the moving truck; even one man who had his arm in a sling came to do what he could. But yes, I definitely agree that overall, this generation doesn't help enough!

    1. Thanks for reading, Laura! It's so great to see how people come together and help each other! But it does make you stop and think when you are in a situation where someone could have helped, but they just passed by. I hope this post can serve as a reminder to those who read it, but especially for me, to just help someone out and lend a hand!
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Yessss! Unfortunately, I’ve been guilty of this more times than I care to admit, but I agree; we all need to do this! Great post!

    1. Same here... Thank you so much for reading these stories, Nicole!

  3. Wow! This was really interesting! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Very interesting. Why is it that people don't help??? There was a time recently when a little boy lost his dog out on the road at a busy intersection. Thankfully, mostly everyone stopped (and then there were others....).My friend got out to help, but before anything could be done, an angel lady in front of us corralled the dog, grabbed him by the scruff, and walked him over to the little boy. It's nice to know that there still are some caring people in the world.
    Thanks for sharing, Brooklyne! :)

    1. Good question! I think that some people aren't used to looking for a need and filling it. Maybe they are too busy, or just don't know how they can help. It could be that helping in whatever given situation is way out of their comfort zone (this one gets me sometimes.)
      But when you do notice and help someone, it makes you feel good. And you don't forget about helping that person.

      One time, me and my little sister were sitting in the car at the grocery store, and it was pouring rain. A lady pushes her full cart of groceries up to her car right in front of ours and starts unloading in the rain. For some reason, I felt the nudging to help. I didn't really think twice, I jumped out and helped her load the rest of her groceries. I still remember that time, and I remember how she was so surprised that I helped her in the rain.

      Helping others is really a win win. Because it helps us take that step out of our comfort zones...

      I'm so glad that little boy's dog was able to get caught! I bet that was scary to watch. Seeing dogs on busy roads make me so worried for them.

      Isn't it amazing how God can place the right person to offer help at the right time and place? God is truly amazing how He orchestrates these situations!

      Thank you for reading, Christina!

  5. Such a great reminder! Thank you for sharing Brooklyne!

  6. Such a good reminder to lend a helping hand. Thank you for this!

    1. I'm glad this post can ba a reminder to both you and me! Thanks for commenting, Liberty! <3

  7. At my church we did a musical about the good Samaritan.

    1. That's so cool! I like that story in the Bible! We once did a Good Samaritan play using the horses! :)

  8. Sweet stories! Nice reminder, Brooklyne. :D

    1. Glad you stopped by, Mallory! Thanks for leaving a comment! =)

  9. It’s so sad how many people don’t lend a helping hand.
    Once my brother and I were in the car coming back home from town and the car broke down on the highway. We pulled over and I called my dad. These guys pulled up behind us and asked if we needed help. I thanked them and let them know help was on the way. It was so nice of them. While we were waiting for my dad to come a ton of cars passed us and aside from those guys no one else even stopped. I was a bit surprised and how many people just kept driving by.

    1. It is sad when people ignore what's going on around them when it comes to helping others, but there are so many Good Samaritans out there too!
      I bet that was scary having your car break down on the highway! That was nice of those guys to stop.
      One time, my sister, dad, and I were driving after it had been raining all day and it was getting dark out. We saw a car a ways ahead of us hydroplane and spin across three lanes of traffic. Thankfully, there were no cars in the way! We pulled over and stopped to see if everyone was ok. The guy was a little shaken up, but he was alright, and his car still worked too. He called his mom, but ended up being ok enough to drive back home.
      You never know when God will ask you to lend a helping hand...
      Thanks for commenting! <3