Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I Survived!

Instead of posting a poem like I usually would, I thought I would share with ya'll something very exciting that we did last weekend... *Drumroll* *Trumpet sounds* *And whatever other musical instruments they use for awaited news!* ...We did a triathlon!

I survived!!! I can now say I'm a triathlete, right?! 

On June 3rd my family and I woke up super duper early and after doing the animal chores, we drove out. It took us awhile to get there, and I was really nervous! Like, I won't lie, I was really nervous! I had never done anything like this before, although we did practice the course and that was AWFUL!  Since our practice didn't go very well, I was double nervous! 

My nervousness didn't go away until after we started, but as we were in the car almost there, I looked out my window, and guess what God gave me? He gave me a rainbow! Wow! That was exactly what I needed. To be reminded of His promise! What perfect timing too! God is so good! 

I will share some pictures! This was my breakfast in the car, a biscuit with veggie meat and apple sauce... 

When we finally arrived, we unloaded our bikes, dropping them off at the designated place. Then we walked down "Killer Hill" (what we would later run/walk up) to where we started with canoeing. Our start time was 8:22AM. We canoed non stop for 6 miles! We each had our canoeing "team." I was in the back of the canoe, and my younger sister was in the front. This means I got to tell or more like yell at her what to do! I'm not used to being in the back, so sometimes I would tell her to paddle on the wrong side, but for the most part we did good. We paddled hard and fast! By the time we were almost done, our shoulders were burning, but we kept on going to the finish! 

This is us starting off...

After we finished our canoeing, our mom's were waiting for us at the end with towels, water, our socks, and tennis shoes for the running part. They had everything ready for us. We couldn't have done it with our crew!

We started out for the 5.5 mile run. My dad was ahead of us at this point. His team was called the "Orange Crush Team." My cousins were a team and they were behind us for the canoeing part, but they passed us about two miles into the jogging. My younger sister and I, and My older sister and her boyfriend were teams. We decided that us four would stick together. 

We drained the gatorade and water pretty fast! We would jog, "To that telephone pole that the man in the yellow shirt was at." Then walk up a hill and, "Jog to that white mailbox." 

You get the picture! Anyway, we ate our energy gummies half way into the run. The last half mile was a strait uphill hike, aka "Killer Hill." I was breathing so hard but seriously I was going a snails pace! Even though I was going so slow, taking it one small step at a time, I didn't give up! I'm pretty proud of all of the teams! No matter what pace we were going, we still pushed through the pain and made it to the top! 

The last leg of this triathlon journey was the 18 mile bike ride! Wow! What a lot of peddling! Muscles were burning! And speaking of burning, I realized that at the end that I got a pretty good SUNBURN! We drank lots and I kept looking down at my hands for encouragement. Just so that doesn't sound weird, let me explain. Late the night before, I had sloppily painted my nails half asleep. Each nail got at letter I-C-A-N-D-O-T-H-I-S! 

There were lots of rolling hills which was a blessing and a curse, you see, going down them was great, but going up? That was a whole other story! Little kids were along the way at water stations. They'd say, "Drink or be splashed." It was really cute and we had to stop at basically all the stations, not only because of the water! One little kid even got us with a water gun! :D

This was hard! Canoeing was hard! Running was Hard! Biking was hard! But it was fun! I know, that might not make sense, but it was fun and hard! 

Half way through the biking, we were passed by a man with no legs. I seriously got goosebumps! This man, had not given up when things were challenging, he used the limbs that he had and pushed through! His arms were so muscular, I was so encouraged by watching him do this triathlon! How amazing, like, this was hard for me to do and I have legs. He passed us! What an amazing testimony that he has. Odds are against him, things are tough, but he persevered and exceeded! I think we can all apply this to wherever we are at in life. We may be going through a hard time right now, but lets not give up. Lets make the best of what we do have and succeed!

You know? As physically challenging as this was, I found myself smiling. We were doing a triathlon! And no, we knew we weren't going to win anything for speed, but we did have the feeling of accomplishment! (And we got a shirt!!! And a cooly bag thing!!!)

The last two miles were the hardest! I mentally has to tell my legs to move and keep peddling! But as we came to the finish, my whole family was screaming and so excited! We crossed the finish line! 

This is us running across the finish line...

Our time was 4 hours and 3 minutes! Dad came in at 3 hours and 17 minutes ! And my cousins came in at 3 hours and 24 minutes! Everyone did amazing!

After we all finished, they provided food and there was a band playing music on a hay wagon. 

Heres my lunch. Salad, Mac n' cheese, potato salad, veggie burger, sugar cookie, and sprite...

10 things we all can learn from a triathlon:
1. Never give up! 
2. Persevere through it, 'nuff said!
3. God keeps his promises. 
4. Get encouragement and give encouragement! 
5. If it is important to you, don't let the odds stop you from doing it! 
6. Stay hydrated!
7. Never stop! Even if you are going a snails pace!
8. Smile even if things are hard!
9. Take a step forward, even if it is a baby one!
10. God will bring you through! 

Here's more pictures...!

This picture might be too blurry to make out what my nail polish says. 

Selfie with little sis'!

Selfie with big sis'!

Weather was perfect! Breezy and not too hot!

Little Petey was wiped out! 

Group picture after we finished!

Group picture before we started!

Feeling accomplished on the way home and ready for a nap!

Has anyone ever done a triathlon? Do you like canoeing, running, or biking better? Did you like reading this post? Didn't May fly by super fast? How is your June going? What are you excited about this June? Lets talk in the comments below!


  1. Wow great job, Brooklyne!! I enjoyed reading this :). I feel like May just FLEW by. My June is going pretty good so far. I think I prefer biking out of the options - but I’ve never really canoed much so I don’t know about that. When it comes to running I prefer sprinting a short distance :D.

  2. Thanks, Sarah!
    Yes! May really went by fast! I'm glad you are having a good June, mines been good too!
    Biking and sprinting is fun!
    Thanks for commenting! :)

    1. late ( I only just found your blog not Tate long ago.) , but even though I can't do s triathlon ( can't swim, haven't ridden a bike in ages.) I have run half marathons and some of the folks from the local running club have ran triathlons . I understand the running part though. I fell in love with running in my sophomore year of High School. I'm now days from finishing up my final few days of my last summer semester in college. Still run. Keep running ! Every mile is time well spent.

  3. I've never done a triathlon, but this post makes me want to! Great job pushing through the pain!!

  4. It was a challenge, but totally worth it and a lot of fun!
    Thanks for reading!

  5. That's so cool! Great job on perseverance!! :D

  6. Looks like lots of fun(I mean like I know it's some much hard work too.) Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

  7. Yes it was! Isn't Petey growing up!?
    I hope you have a wonderful week, Rachel!

  8. Whoa good job! That looks hard, but it sounds like something fun to do, just to do it. :) Running is hard! I've been canoeing once, and it was kinda difficult, so nice job! :D I really enjoyed reading this!

  9. Thanks, Mallory!
    Yes it was (fun and hard)! And now I can say I've done a triathlon!!! I think the half triathlon would probably be more my level, though. But I'm so glad I did it! :)
    Thanks, it was fun to put together!

  10. Sounds fun! But I don't think I would run I am not a big fan of that. Yes, May did go by pretty quick did'ent it? Nice post! Naomi✌

  11. Thanks for reading, Naomi!
    Yes, it was fun! Although I was sore the day after!
    May did fly by! Gardens are growing, and weeds are growing faster! Sunburns, swimming, and awesome weather! Summer is here!
    Thanks for commenting, I hope you have a CRAZY AWESOME June!!!

  12. That looks really hard! But also fun! I don't exercise very much, but if I ever do get used to exercising daily, then something like that would be really fun!

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Laura! :)
    It was lots of fun! I felt so accomplished (and sore, and tired) when we finished!

  14. That's awesome! Wow, I was comparing those distances to what I walk regularly, and that's a long way! Good on you. :) I like the lessons you drew out of it too, and it was lovely to see photos of you and your family! xx

  15. It took us quite a while to complete. :D
    After my nerves calmed down a bit, it was really exciting!
    That's great that you walk regularly! For this triathlon, we had to train a few months before it. On average, we would jog twice a week.
    Who knew we could learn so much from a triathlon, right?!
    Thanks for commenting, Jessica, and I'm glad you liked reading about how our triathlon went!