Wednesday, October 17, 2018

That Moment When Life is Like a Roller Coaster

That moment when you wait in line, not sure of what the roller coaster is going to be like. 
That moment when you fasten your seat belt. 
That moment when you say a prayer. 
That moment when it starts off.
That moment when you start your slow climb to the top of a steep incline.
That moment when your almost to the top. 
That moment when you want off the ride… right now!
That moment when the roller coaster goes from strait up to strait down. 
That moment when your hanging on for dear life. 
That moment when you can't breath. 
That moment when you scream.
That moment when you raise your arms up.
That moment when the rides over in a second.
That moment when you laugh.
That moment when you go and ride it again.

Roller coasters go up and down, right and left, upside down and right side up. They might seem unpredictable, but really, they are mapped out and planned to go wherever it’s tracks take them. When riding a roller coaster, you might be having the time of your life, you might be scared for your life, or both. 

I think roller coasters are fun, but don’t ask me to go on one that goes upside down. Nope, no thanks, I would rather live a nice and long life.

Some rides make me dizzy, others, I want to ride over and over again. Some rides I am terrified while on them, but when its over, I’ll think that it was super fun! 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, just like the roller coaster goes up and down, right and left, upside down and right side up, so does our emotions when we are on them. 

Isn't this so much like life is? 

That moment you are waiting, not sure of what’s ahead.
That moment you are getting ready.
That moment you are saying a prayer.
That moment you are starting a new season in life.
That moment you are moving slow, but you know that it won’t always be this way.
That moment when you feel like you are on the top of the world.
That moment when you regret a decision.
That moment when life plummets strait down at record speed.
That moment when you are hanging on for dear life.
That moment when it hurts so bad.
That moment when you scream.
That moment when you finally are joyful.
That moment when you are out of the woods.
That moment when you laugh.
That moment when it starts all over again.

Although your life might feel unpredictable and scary at times, always remember that God laid out your life's tracks. He built it and mapped it out just for you, and His ways are always better than what any man-made plan can even begin to compare too.

Enjoy where you are on this crazy roller coaster ride they call life. Because one day you’re going to look back on all that you have been through, all the times that flew by so fast. Times that were fun and times that were terrifying. When that season in life is over, you might even miss it, wishing it back.

Life is like a roller coaster. Take the chance, pray always, and cherish ALL of the ride, both highs and lows. Trust Him with the outcomes of each situation.

Stay rooted to the “tracks” that God has made for you, and thank Him for the carefully laid plan that He has for you, because when we are following God’s plan for us, there is no limit that is too high or too hard for us. 

Do you like roller coasters?
Can you see how roller coaster rides and life are so much alike? 
How can we enjoy this ride, even if it's hard? How can I pray for you? 
Let's talk!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lend a Helping Hand

Hi everyone! On this wonderful Wednesday, I have two true stories to share with you.

Story #1

Once upon a time, my older sister and I were walking in the mall (going to the mall is a rare occasion.) My mom had forgotten something in the car, so we went back to get it. On our way, we heard this loud thud. We look around and see this older lady, maybe in her sixties, who was sprawled on the ground. She was heavy set, and couldn’t get up. My sister and I rushed over and the first thing that came to our minds was that she needed to stay still. She should not move, because she could have broken something. We told her not to move, but she was not having it. She was struggling to get up, saying that she needed to go to the restroom. 

By this time, maybe four or five people had gathered and was watching this take place. One lady said that she had called someone to help. My sister and I was trying to get her up, but she was too heavy and ended up pulling my sister down beside her, pinning her between the wall and this lady. The same girl who had called someone earlier, brought us a chair. The older lady kept saying that she needed to go to the bathroom, quick. She also was saying how we need to “find some men” to help her up. My sister looked around and saw one of the guys who were watching and asked him if he could help us. He held up his hands and shrugged his shoulders like there was nothing he could do. Seriously?! 

My sister looked at me and said, “Me and you are going to get her up and in this chair…” 

It was a struggle, but me, my sister, and the lady who brought the chair was able to get her up in the chair. We helped the older lady put her shoe, which had fallen off, back on and picked up her purse. She immediately stood up. My sister on one side and me on the other, we started walking her to the bathroom. We got to the bathroom and stood outside the stall. We told her that we would wait for her and asked if she needed anything.

Two guys from security came with a first aid kit, but they wouldn’t come in the ladies restroom. They stood outside and wouldn't let anyone in. The lady who helped us get her up gave them a water bottle to give to us. We heard someone outside, waiting for the bathroom, ask if someone was in trouble. They told her, “No, someone's having a medical emergency.” The lady then said, “Well, I’m a medical professional.” And she walked right in.

Thank goodness someone knew what they were doing! My sister told her that the older lady had fallen. She went right to the sink and washed her hands, all the while asking the lady the right questions. One of which was, are you diabetic? Come to find out, she was.

We knew that there was nothing else we could do to help, and it sounded like the lady had it under control, so we handed her the water bottle and left. A few minutes later, we saw maybe seven or eight medical staff heading to the bathroom. 

It was not by chance that the lady who knew what she was doing, came to the bathroom at the right time and place. 


Story #2 

I was not actually there for this, but my older sister was, and she told me all about it. She was driving her truck (which is the awesome Ford in the picture, btw!) to Lowes with Papa, my grandpa. They were picking up a pallet full of cinder blocks to make a raised-bed garden. The fork lift loaded it up but they couldn't shut the tail gate. The man who loaded it said it should be fine because the cinder blocks are so heavy. 

Well, turns out, it wasn't fine… 

My sister stopped at a small intersection, and when she went to go, THE WHOLE PALLET OF CINDER BLOCKS SLID OUT THE BACK! Like actually falling out of the bed of the truck! Braking the tail gate and scratching it on its way out and everything.

They got out, and as fast as they could, started putting the blocks back in the truck. One by one. Those cinder blocks are heavy too! 

The two men in a jeep, who had been following them, just drove on by. It was 5 o’clock, so everyone was coming home from work. About sixty cars drove by, and only one lady stopped to ask if anyone was hurt before she kept on driving. Seriously?!

One older man came out of his house that was by the intersection and helped them load them back up. And when they had almost finished, another even older man stopped and helped them. He said, “I can’t help that much, but I can get the smaller pieces that have broken.” 

When they finally had them loaded back up, they drove home.


Both of these stories had a “Seriously?!” moment. I was just blown away at the fact that most of the people in these two stories didn’t lend a helping hand. They would walk around us, stand and watch, or drive on by. 

Is life too busy to lend a helping hand? Are we a society that doesn't care? Are we so wrapped up in ourselves, that we don’t stop and help out when others are in a bind? Where is the younger generation that helps those in need? 

I’m reminded of the parable of the good samaritan in Luke 10:30-37. We all know this story well. This man was robbed and wounded, he was left to die. Both a priest and a Levite passed by on the other side of the road. But the samaritan, he had compassion, and bandaged his wounds. He brought him to a inn, and payed for someone to care for him. 

The samaritan man lended a helping hand to a complete stranger. He showed mercy on him. He took care of his neighbor as himself. 

Even the smallest attempt to lend a helping hand is noticed. Your efforts are seen. By people like me, who might even write a blog post about you. :) 

Wouldn't you want to be in the category as the lady who gave us a water bottle for the older lady? Or the two elderly men who helped load the truck even when everyone else drove by? 

We are called to be different. Don't blend in with the main flow. Y'all, make a stand for what you know is right! 

I want to challenge you and me, today, to lend a helping hand. Not because you need the community service credits, not because you have to; but because you are able and because you care. 

Luke 10:36,37
“So which of these three do you think was a neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?” And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.” Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

Matthew 22:37-39
“Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the LORD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”

Have you ever had any similar experiences? What are some ways to lend a helping hand? How can we be more like the samaritan man? How is your week going? 
Lets talk in the comments!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

I Survived... (Promised Post About Our Tough Mudder Adventures)

As promised, I am posting about our...*Drumroll* *Confetti* *Mud* *And all of the above*... Tough Mudder adventure! 

About mid-September, me, my mom, sisters, cousins, Auntie, and my older sisters boyfriend and his mom all decided to be a team in a Tough Mudder. Overall, It was a bunch of fun, and I can't with to tell y'all about it! 

Without knowing it, I have kind of made a blog series out of my "I Survive" posts. So, from now on, if I do any crazy, epic, muddy, triathlon, 5k-ish things, I will add to this series! Page coming soon with them all listed. Also, on a side note: Pages coming soon for a Health page and a My Beliefs page, so stay tuned and bare with me. Because they are coming! :)

Read about my first "I Survived" post HERE
And the second "I Survived" post HERE.

Lets begin, shall we...

You ask, what exactly is a Tough Mudder? Well, let me tell you, a Tough Mudder is very similar to the Mud Gauntlet, in that it is obstacles in the MUD and it's as long as a 5k. But, instead of the 35 smaller obstacles like the other mud gauntlet we did, this had 10 bigger and more challenging obstacles!!! Throughout the course, some of the obstacles were so hard that their was no choice, you had to work together as a team. Even if that required you to trust some stranger while you dangled into mid-air! 

We decided to make a weekend trip out of it, and drove down the day before. It took us most of the day to get to our hotel, and when we did, we went swimming! 

After sundown, we drove into Nashville and walked up and down broadway! All I can say is WOW and another wow! It was so cool to walk the streets that famous country singers walked, especially when first starting out! There was one girl who played the fiddle and tap danced in her cowboy boots, she was really good! 

And yet, on the other hand, it was sad. I have never seen such a crowded city! Shoulder to shoulder, and stuck in the middle of a sea of people. Lots and lots of people. Homeless people, drunk people, all kinds of people. I felt sorry for them, and wondered if they were happy with where they were at. I just don't understand it. I especially felt bad for the homeless people with dogs.

I hope someday, those people will find that God can fill the holes and emptiness a whole lot better than when they try to fill them with worldly things. (Romans 12:2) (John 16:33) 

The next morning, we got up bright and early. For breakfast, I ate half of a waffle at the hotel. We got to the place where they had the Tough Mudder, and parked in a big field. Once we got "checked in" we wrote our number on our arms with a sharpie. Our team name was "The young and the rest of us!" Our start time was at 9:30!

We stood in the start line, crowded with participants. They did the National Anthem then they revved the crowd up. We started out at a slow jog. We went through this big field until finally rounding the corner to a MUD PIT! :) Following that first mud pit, there were hay bales to climb, a obstacle called that was 0.2 miles of smaller mud pits in a row, a 300 yard hero carry, a slanted wall (maybe 6'), "Everest 2.0" Which is a very tall sloped wall you run up and grab people at the top to pull you up, and lots more! (Note: everything was super slippery!)

The one at the end was, by far, the hardest obstacle.

It was called "happy ending," and was a steep, slightly slanted, slippery wall. You had two choices to conquer this last test of strength, you could just use the provided rope, or make a "rope" out of your team. And can you guess what we chose to do?? 

Yes, our team, with the help of three others, chose the hard way! How you made a "rope" was basically we stood onto of each other to make a tower of bodies up the wall, so that others could crawl up. 

Auntie was on the bottom, and for some reason, I got up next (at that time, I really could not comprehend what my job would entail!) So, I stood on my Auntie's shoulders and leaned up against the wall. My younger cousin went next, standing on my shoulders. Then, my older cousins crawled up us to the top, and helped those who climbed up next.

There was a point when my knees were buckling. The weight on my shoulders from people climbing up was so heavy, that "very heavy" was a understatement. I wanted to give up, to give in. And I felt so sorry for my Auntie, who had to carry more weight than I! I don't know how we did it, but our whole team finally made it to the very top! What an accomplishment! We were so happy to have made it. And at the top, we slid down a slide into muddy water! 

Guys, it took a lot of self-talk and and encouragement to make it through that last obstacle. 

Mud runs aren't the only places we experience obstacles in our paths. Every day, we encounter obstacles that tower over us. They are intimidating and scary. And sometimes, we just can't overcome those obstacles on our own, we need encouragement from those around us. We also need to realize that we need Someone bigger to help us through. God is that Someone, and He already knows the paths you will take and the obstacles you will overcome! Let Him be your steady hand when you feel yourself falling. 

After we crossed the finish line, we picked up our t-shirts and showered off! Overall it was a blast! It was challenging, but it was so so so fun! 

The drive home was filled with LOTS of country music singing! Hours and hours! Our overall favorite to sing together was Champion by Carrie Underwood! :)

10 things we all can learn from a Tough Mudder:
1. Teamwork is a must!
2. Go for it! Commit and just do it!
3. Cheer each other on.
4. Give it all you got, and do the best you can!
5. Stay positive.
6. It is ok to need help.
7. The muddier the better!
8. When you feel like caving, don't.
9. YOU can do it! 
10. God will bring you through! 

Here's some pictures...!

Before the fun began!

Starting off! Look at all those people!

 After floating in the mud under that fence! 

Best friends forever! 

 After showering off...

Standing on a mound of mud! 

End of "Happy ending!"

Yay! The finish line!

Have you ever done anything like this? Are you a good team player? What are some way's that we can encourage each other through the obstacles they face in their day to day lives? I hope y'all have a awesome October!!! 
Lets talk in the comments below!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

September 2018 Early Wrap-Up Post

Hi everyone! Fall is officially upon us, and so far, it has been super rainy. Thus, making it super muddy (especially in the horse pastures!) Today's post is a wrap-up post, and yes, I know, September is not over yet, but this is the last Wednesday in September, so.... that is why I called it a early wrap-up post!

Want to hear something crazy?? There is exactly 96 days left of 2018! Like.... What?!? How can that be possible! So, let me ask you this: What are you going to do in 96 days? Challenge yourself to stick to something, whether it be doing a devotion every morning, or working out twice a week, you name it! Kind of like a end-of-the-year-resolution instead of a new year resolution. Tell me in the comments below, and I will cheer you on! :)

(This quote was taken off of Pinterest... all other photos are mine)

Now lets start wrapping up September! *hopes this post is not to random for you guys*

➳➳➳Late nights➳Going to the hospital because my grandma broke her wrist➳Youth church service➳Made goats milk soap➳Started selling my goats milk soap➳Trying new "Fall" scents in soap➳Shopping at thrift store➳Buying two books at thrift store➳Had a karaoke/concert with my family :) ➳Went to the fair➳Ate a LOT at said fair➳Movies➳Hot and humid weather➳Woke up at 4:30 AM to take my Grandma to get surgery (It went well, btw)➳Eating cafeteria food *makes face*➳Entering prompt contests➳Late night ice cream venture➳Packaging soap with wax seals <-- Quite the process➳Feeling tired➳Thinking about starting a Goodreads account➳Shopping at Costco➳Walking horses to the barn because of weather➳Watching a LIVE studio C➳Watching more studio C videos➳Finding out that I can write flash fiction...who knew!➳ FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE DRINKS!!!!!!! 'nuff said!!!➳Got hair cut, six inches taken off➳I drove into "big town!"➳Goofing off with Lil' Sis➳Picking buckeyes➳Went to a convention➳Took marketing classes➳Ate veggie burger *yum*➳Mini photo shoot with Big Sis➳Being exhausted➳I. Need. Sleep. *glares at my dog for waking me up 2x a night*➳Went on a mini weekend trip➳Did a TOUGH MUDDER! (Want to read a post on how it went?? Comment if you do!)➳"blasted" our favorite songs in the car! XD ➳Being a part of the best team ever... my family rocks!➳Eating at Schlotzsky's aka the best sandwich place ever!➳Participated in a READATHON! *throws confetti one last time* (If you don't know what I'm talking about, just know that I went a little crazy with the confetti while participating in the readathon)➳Didn't quite meet my goal, but I got pretty close, and it was SO MUCH FUN!➳First day of Fall!➳Having "game night" at out barn for our church➳Eating 6 cookies in one setting➳Playing pit, spoons, and uno➳Early morning, 2 mile jog...IN THE RAIN!➳Trying to get ready for Nano➳Taking our pool down➳Working with dad aka power washing stuff!➳Test driving a jeep with dad➳Watching a field being planted by a helicopter! It was pretty cool!➳Making more soap➳Mismatched socks➳PB&J smoothies!➳Volleyball➳Four wheeler riding➳Living
➳Laughing➳Loving➳And learning➳➳➳

➳➳➳With Lil' Sis➳At cousin (6 hours in the car and consuming lots of sweet tea can do some crazy things to a person!)➳At Studio C videos➳Laughing so hard at our old "movies" us five girls made when we were younger!➳At the crazy socks you see these days
 (does anyone know what I'm talking about?)(also, I just realized that I wrote about socks twice in this post! *headdesk*) ➳At myself for no reason➳And just because➳➳➳

➳➳➳My amazing family!➳All our furry friends➳Time together
Fall vibes (Is that a thing?)➳Taking pictures on the Winds of Faith➳And sunsets➳➳➳

➳➳➳That God is trying to teach me, even when I can be so stubborn at times➳That paying attention to where you park, is very important! (Yes, that means stop taking selfies and know were you park in a parking garage! Just trust me!)➳That trials are refining us
➳That this world is not our home➳That the Bible is 783,137 words long!➳That I can read and listen to music/singing at the SAME TIME! Now that is talent!➳To take a deep breath➳That it's ok to not know my next step, because God's plan and He timing is perfect➳And to embrace where I'm at➳➳➳

Here's a mini photo dump from September...! 

Isaiah 48:17 
"Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: 'I am the LORD your God, who teaches you to profit, Who leads you by the way you should go."

How was your September? Can you believe that there is under 100 days left in 2018?How are you going to challenge yourself? What is one of the things that you learned this month? How has God been working in your life? How did you like reading this wrap-up post? Lets talk about it! =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

On The Other Side Of Pain

On The Other Side Of Pain
Written by Brooklyne

On the other side of pain 
You grow stronger
On the other side of pain 
You grow tougher 

On the other side of pain
You grow closer
On the other side of pain
You grow wiser 


Whether emotional or physical
On the other side of pain 
Pressures will refine you
On the other side of pain

Whether long or short lived 
On the other side of pain
You will withstand the test 
On the other side of pain


Throughout the pain you endure
You make a choice 
To suffer and suffer
Or to suffer and grow

Throughout the hardships you face
You make a choice
To give up hope 
Or to fight through the pain


The pain will not last forever, and if it lasts
You have not healed 
Wounds will fester  
And you grow weaker

But if you heal, if you let God heal you
You have made the choice
To learn from pain 
And you grow stronger


Against all odds
Despite all opinions 
Facing all fears 
Enduring all pain 

When you get on the other side 
When its all over and gone 
When the pain is in the past
When you are free from the burdens 


You will grow stronger
You will grow tougher
You will grow closer to Him 
You will grow wiser  

You can conquer 
You can succeed 
You can learn 
You can listen 


Choose to fight through the pain
Let God heal you
Grow through your trials 
Because on the other side of pain 

You will be stronger 

Give your burdens to Him
Make the right choice 
Grow through your suffering 
Because on the other side of pain 

You will be stronger 


If you are hurting. 
If you are dealing with pain 
Whether a broken bone or a broken heart,
Give it to God 

Because the ultimate Physician 
Will lift your burdens and heal your pain 
Keep fighting, and once you are on the other side of pain 
You will realize that you have grown stronger! 

Because pain and sin have entered the world, we have to suffer. But we have the ability, with God's help, to turn our suffering into growth. This morning was very sad for me and my family, last night something got our bunnies. Death of even the smallest creatures is so hard. I can't imagine losing a loved one. I wrote this poem the other day, and now I know how real it is. Everyone is going through something, whether it be physical pain or emotional pain. And although pain hurts and is hard, God WILL comfort us if we let Him. He has the ability to heal us, and we CAN grow from our pain. 

Have you ever grown stronger on the other side of pain? How can we let God heal our pain so that we can become stronger? How do we move past our pain and learn from it instead of dwelling on it? What did you think of this poem? 
How is your September going? Are you looking forward to cooler days? 
Lets take a vote on whether or not I should write a post of our latest fun in the mud?! Y'all want to hear about our tough mudder experience? P.S. This is my 30th post!!!
Lets talk in the comments!